March 5, 2018

The Indian legal industry has grown exponentially over a relatively short span of time, becoming one of the largest branches of the legal profession in the world. It has become one of the most influential professions that have an active involvement in the governance of the country. This profession adequately reflects the diversity of Indian society with its social hierarchies and performs efficiently in the process of delivering justice to everyone concerned through the Courts, despite the massive pressures that Courts and legal institutions function under, given how unimaginably overburdened they always are.

The Bar Council of India is responsible for the growth and development of legal education in India and it lays down the foundation of the standards of legal education in consultation with the universities providing legal education in the country. The Bar Council gives the approvals and sets up regulatory practices for the centers of legal education. It also prescribes types and standards of the courses of study, eligibility for admission, infrastructure and course structures of the centers of legal education. The Bar Council is also responsible for making regular visits and inspections on these centers of legal education as a part of its statutory functions.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, are a recognized institution under the Bar Council of India, authorized to impart legal education to the future advocates of the country. K.R. Mangalam University offers integrated honors courses with the clear objective to equip the students with the knowledge and skills to meet the current demands of the legal profession and also to provide the attitude to take on future challenges of this noble profession.

K.R. Mangalam University is dedicated to providing students with an all-round education and that is why the curriculum of all our law programs comprises of legal as well as non-legal subjects. This method of teaching helps to prepare the students for managerial as well as the professional application of their learning, which, in turn, serves to assure them of a successful and fruitful career ahead.

KRMU has integrated well-designed course structures with excellent infrastructures to enhance the learning experience. Classrooms at the university are equipped with audio-visual aids to encourage a dynamic and focused learning. Ample access to books, journals, thesis, presentations and other means of research are provided to facilitate students’ learning process. Electronic resources of books and thesis are also available in great abundance.

Special Moot Court sessions and competitions are organized at the KRMU School of Law to help students learn and enhance the legal and vocal advocacy skills. This is an important aspect of legal education where students learn to apply the skills that they learn to real-time cases. The purpose of legal education at K.R. Mangalam is to transform the students studying law to skilled advocates and respected legal professionals. Moot Courts play a vital role in this transformation. At KR Mangalam University it is compulsory for students to participate in the moot court competitions. There are several advantages that come with the practice of Moot Courts. They are:

– Every branch of law is taught in a functional manner

– Enable the students to gain practical knowledge

– Help the students to learn the methods of putting forward legal arguments

– Help them learn court procedures

– Impart a practical approach to the study of the theory of law

– Enable the students to develop fluency and clarity

– Enable the students to practice court procedures and presentations of moot cases.

– Moot courts also help students to develop court mannerisms and court etiquette.

KRMU also places special significance on the development of soft skills for the future law graduates and hence workshops are conducted to develop soft skills and to enhance their overall learning.

Students of KRMU School of Law take part in various off-campus conferences and seminars, which gives them a real-world understanding of the field they are about to enter. We have had our students and faculty participate in conferences like the International Conference of Jurists on International Terrorism organized by the International Conference of Jurists, London, All India Bar Association and Indian Council of Jurists, which benefitted them a lot and facilitate their overall progress in the profession.

Recently, we also collaborated with the Haryana State Legal Services Authority to organize a National Legal Services Day, where dignitaries like Dr. Shekhar Dhawan, District & Sessions Judge, Gurgaon, and Ms. Suruchi Atreja Singh, Chief Judicial Magistrate participated along with Sessions Judges, Advocates, and Professors, and enabled the students to learn a lot from their skills and experience.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, are wholeheartedly engaged in promoting new and innovative methods of teaching in order to keep students abreast of the current requirements and the demands of the industry in the future. Students at KRMU are encouraged to participate in several off-campus activities such as competitions, seminars, and conferences so that they get a good exposure of the industry trends and demands, which will be extremely useful for their over-all development. Every single student at the K.R. Mangalam School of Law is equipped with the necessary industry knowledge and is given ample of practical exposure so that they can successfully move ahead in their lives and establish themselves as highly skilled and trustworthy legal professionals.

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