Why is Physiotherapy a Good Career after 12th?

Why is Physiotherapy a Good Career after 12th?

July 28, 2022

Physiotherapy is a prosperous field for PCB students after 12th who are interested in serving society with a good living. The majority of the Indian population sees or views physiotherapy as a profession that deals with massage and exercise techniques. But only a few people in the population are aware of the importance and ongoing advancement in this field. They are driven by one objective curing and rehabilitating the patients in order to spread positivity in society. As quoted by Dr Alok Tripathi “A Physiotherapist has the brain of a Scientist, The heart of a Humanist and the hands of an Artist”.

History of Physiotherapy in India

In the year 1952 Physiotherapy in India was free and easy due to an outbreak of poliomyelitis, commonly known as polio. In the same year, India’s First school and centre of Physiotherapy were opened in Mumbai with the assistance of Govt of India and the World Health Organisation. After 10 years of this action, in the year 1962, The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) was formed which now has over 30,000 physiotherapists from across the country. Physiotherapy in India itself is slow and steadily growing making its name in the medical field.

The Demand for Physiotherapists in India

This field gained most of its popularity by getting introduced in the film industry, sports industry and Fashion industry. According to statistical data by WHO (World Health Organisation) in the year 2020, In India should have 1 physiotherapist over a population of 10000 citizens. WHO also stated that India needs to supply 95 thousand physiotherapists to meet the rising demand. Hence, it is a proven fact that it is a great and perfect time to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.

What makes an Excellent Physiotherapist

Before becoming a professional physiotherapist you need to pursue a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with an understanding of its all concepts, practices and exercises. Also with attaining all the skills. Now Let’s Talk about the qualities that make a physiotherapist best.

Showing Empathy

It is the most important quality you should have if you want to become a physiotherapist. You’ll be working with patients who have been traumatized and emotionally impacted by their injuries or health problems. For this, you not just have to help them physically but emotionally too.


Mostly physiotherapists work on a one-to-one basis but it doesn’t mean you are the only one working with the patient. Many professionals like mental health specialists, nurses, speech therapists, language therapists and occupational therapists. Even though you’re not officially a team together you still have to cooperate with others and work as a team. For the better recovery of the patient.

Learning Attitude

Just like other Health professionals, physiotherapists also need to keep upgrading themselves by studying new trends, techniques research, developments and new practice guidelines. This will not only help you to stay relevant but also aid to add more skills and knowledge to your arsenal.

Adaptable in Different Situations

As a Physiotherapist, you have to deal with a number of patients. It means you won’t be dealing with the same type of patient every day. Like sometimes it can be a patient who has engaged in a car accident or a patient who has bone dislocation so on and so forth.

Interpersonal Skills

As a physiotherapist, it doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert, introvert or shy person. What matters is you should have the ability to communicate with clients keeping aside their cultural or professional background. What communicating here means is that you have interact in such a way that will make a patient feel confident about himself and less stressed.

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