July 17, 2018

While the academic system of our country is doing an excellent job in preparing young minds for challenging futures in an increasingly competitive world, there is a pressing need for the youth to equip themselves with better values, attitudes and behavior so the connecting with inner-self will enhance their overall professional, physical, emotional & spiritual space.

As mere education leads only to literacy but character & values makes a person truly educated. Even Industry doesn’t require mere robots they require leaders who could connect and have lots of integrity & commitment in their dealings.

The International Commission on Education for the 21st Century clearly sets the fundamental principle that “Education must contribute to the all-round development of each individual – mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic sense, personal responsibility and spiritual values.”

In our modern lifestyles, most of our time and effort is directed towards material well-being, and we often find that our lives have become overly complicated and lacking in spontaneity.

We long for inner change and growth as we are pulled in different directions by multiple goals, we are unable to prioritize these or to find the balance that gives us a sense of well-being and joy. Also we are bombarded from all sides most of the time, and it is not so easy to still the mind. This affects the very fabric of our lives, our quality of sleep, and our mental and physical well-being.

Our life on Earth is one of change and evolution, yet we often resist moving into the unknown and out of our comfort zone. It is not easy to remove habits, fears, and beliefs. They are like walking tracks or riverbeds – over time they become fixed. The challenge is to remove them in a way that is deep and permanent.

Meditation trains our mind to regulate itself and leads us beyond the outer activity into the inner silence of our hearts, where we find ourselves connected to our Divine essence. A balanced state develops in which we are less affected by the ups and downs of everyday life. Our natural capacity for wisdom and right action begins to manifest, allowing us to better prioritize the conflicting demands of life.

Sustained practice of meditation allows us to feel a deep and abiding connection with our inner selves, and in turn gives a lasting direction and meaning to our lives.

More and more people around the globe are turning to meditation, realizing that in order to reach our full potential as complete, balanced human beings. Also our inner spiritual longings must be addressed alongside the material demands of daily life.

So we need to find time for ourselves, and to be in touch with the simplicity and beauty of the inner Self. This is best done through a spiritual practice of heart-based meditation & under experienced & trained spiritual influencers.

To facilitate our younger generation to imbibe an aspirational set of values to live by and to help them lead a balanced & focused life on a spiritual platform. In order to live ethical &material life, K R Mangalam University has initiated a pioneer step in this direction which is Self Development Society named “Chetna”. Also lately we have initiated a special development 24*7 for young learners at K.R. Mangalam University under SDS- Self Development Society.

To develop these supreme human qualities, K.R. Mangalam University has framed Chetna Society, where in management students as office –bearers have  been instituted&one faculty member of School of Management & Commerce is the convenor of this society, together this society is organizing many events like meditation/relaxation sessions for the students and for the members of the university/society.

The purpose of this innovative community is:

  1. To lead with wisdom, integrity and humility;
  2. Learn to work with ethical dilemmas – choices and consequences;

3.To develop effective listening, introspection and communication;

  1. How to dissolving and manage conflict;
  2. How to develop Innovation and creativity in mundane daily activities;
  3. How to make the best out of challenging situations.

As it has been seen & documented in various studies as we continue to meditate, we find that we have become progressively more balanced and simple.

So at Chetna we believe spirituality & materialist co-exist to illustrate its dictum further – “As a bird needs two wings to fly, so a human being needs the two wings of existence, the spiritual and the material, to lead a natural and harmonious life”.

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