November 1, 2018

Today, our lifestyle is gradually progressing towards a realm that we could barely picture even a few years ago. Nearly every object, amenities, and technology in the current times are undergoing rapid advancement which is happening at a much faster pace than ever before in the history of time. Starting from digitalization, robotics, and automation to machine learning, newer technologies and concepts are constantly taking over the mind-sets and preferences of people from all across the world. There is hardly any industry left that has not undergone evolution in recent times and one such sector that has shaken the roots of technology above and beyond, thrilling the car enthusiasts everywhere is ‘automotive engineering.’

Automobiles are shooting up at a skyrocketing pace introducing inventions that remind you of an almost fictional world. Even if you are not a big fan of cars, it is difficult to overlook the surprising paradigms that the automotive engineering sector is bringing into light. The automobile industry accounts for 7.1 percent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP). It has its wings wide open across the globe.

Automotive engineers are the ultimate masterminds who play a major part in adding a sharp edge to the particular industry with continuously advanced trends and paradigms. Demonstrated further are the top five trends that stands as the key pillars for automotive engineering today.

  1. Automated Driving

The foremost trend that deserves mention at the top of the list is automated driving. The concept is expected to soon dominate the streets. Some of the nations that are ready to embrace the new version of travelling places are Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Sweden. This particular trend aims to reduce the risks entailed to accidents due to drinking, drowsiness, and carelessness. The mechanism is based on robotics and is soon expected to take over manual driving.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is another recent paradigm that the automotive industry treasures. Cars are much more logically price tagged now just like any other electronic products. It is surely not technological but competitive pricing is considered among a significant trend in the industry of automobiles. With the help of advanced evaluating software and analytical tools, engineering experts are working hard on providing sophisticated models and vehicle technologies at highly competitive prices. This has significantly increased the sale of cars making them a forte for the car lovers in recent years.

  1. The Rise of Electrical Cars

Electric cars cannot entirely be referred to as a new sensation in the automotive industry as they are already prominent in Hong Kong, California, Europe, etc. These vehicles run based on a battery technology and are much more eco-friendly as compared to petrol or diesel cars. Industry experts are expecting electrical cars to be a popular mode of transport in developing countries soon. Top-ranked brands like Volkswagen, General Motors, and Daimler AG have already shown interested in this particular niche of automobiles.

  1. The Blockchain System

Selling fake vehicle parts or incorporating them in car models have been a significant challenge that the automotive industry has been experiencing for quite a long time now. The Blockchain system has helped to bring this adverse practice to an end. The Blockchain technology helps to establish a trusted protocol for the growing supply chain, which eventually helps in eliminating fake parts from the market, thereby increasing transparency in the market. It also involves examining car parts prior to launching the models into the market, thus ensuring that there remain no issues related to duplicity in the automobile industry.

  1. Alternative Power Research

Alternative power research indicates the exploration and experimentation of a dynamic range of power sources to run a vehicle. There was a time when a vehicle was considered a dead fatal without petrol. Post to that emerged diesel in the field, which soon made its space among the preferences of car owners. However, at present, the entire axis of car power sources has reformed. Starting from battery mechanisms and automatic mechanisms to the solar energy system, every power source is being examined to settle for a convenient solution. Solar power cars are also soon to be in the list which will not only be a bliss for car owners but also for the environment we live in. Apart from the above-mentioned paradigms, the automotive industry is also promptly evolving in terms of vehicle performance, mileage, models, and amenities.

Giant multinational brands are hiring automotive engineers at an alarming rate and are looking for talents who keep the valor to explore possibilities and risks both at the same time. They are in search of professionals who know how the real world functions or at least have some idea about it. Academic knowledge definitely serves as an important fragment in this respect, but there are many other aspects as well which are though high in demand in the job market but are often found lacking in aspirants.  We, at K. R. Mangalam University, one of the best engineering colleges in Gurgaon, with our extensive experience in the world of education, very well understand what it takes to make your mark in the automotive market. For years, we have been providing our students with the best of education coupled with ample of practical experience and industry experience, owing to which we have been successfully giving the finest of automotive engineers to the industry.  We indeed feel proud on the fact that we, at KRMS, ever since our inception, have been enabling many new talents to gain recognition for their skills.

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