Why pursuing a BA (Hons.) - Chinese Degree can be a good choice for you?

Why pursuing a BA (Hons.) – Chinese Degree can be a good choice for you?

February 16, 2022

BA in Chinese language course can be a great choice for you as it can help you build a strong career. Around 1.3 Billion people speak the Chinese language in the world making it one of the most widely spoken languages.

The bilateral trade between India and China is multiplying every year eventually raising the need for someone who can interpret the language for clarity and better understanding. Many enterprises in India are looking for Chinese speakers even business owners prefer to set up their enterprises in China as the country is doing well in the international market, these purposes will increase your value when it comes to jobs and employment.

This Blog talks about BA in Chinese Studies and its career scopes and opportunities in the market in detail.


What is BA (Hons.) – Chinese?

It is a 3-years undergraduate degree programme designed to study the Chinese Language, Literature, and culture. This Programme also speaks about India & china tourism separately for wider knowledge. BA in Chinese language upskills you in four aspects reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Benefits of BA in Chinese Studies

  • Development of Intellect

Learning this language can broaden your horizons in many ways and also increase your knowledge about Asian cultures and traditions. It can also challenge the way you think and stimulate your intellect. Learning Chinese is good for your cognitive development. It also sharpens your brain and builds self-confidence and creative thinking abilities.

  • Increase chances of getting a job

Knowing this language will boost your career in many ways and can give you an edge over others because the demand for foreign language translators and interpreters has always been high in India. It gives you chance to can also apply for jobs in different government organisations.

  • Competition

They are very few individuals who are skilled in Chinese speaking in India so what that means it implies that in India there is less competition for you after graduating from this course.

  • Travelling opportunities

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot, learning this language through a BA Honours in Chinese course can aid you in achieving those goals and establishing the lifestyle of your dreams. You will get to travel from country to country and meet many kinds of people who speak the language.


Scope of BA (Hons.) Chinese Degree in India

  • Teacher

The demand for Chinese language teachers is skyrocketing in colleges, universities and schools as more and more individuals in the country are opting for courses in the same area.

  • Chinese Language Interpreter

Many organizations hire interpreters to run business operations efficiently and smoothly. It gives you chance to apply in the embassy for open vacancies

  • Chinese Translator

You can get paid to translate documents written in Chinese into English or some other language that you are comfortable with. Many Indian enterprises that have professional agreements or relationships with Chinese companies need people who can help them with their communication-relation business activities–so working in the corporate sector is also an option.

  • Tour Guide

You can work as a tour guide in Tourism Industry. The Chinese tourists who visit India need someone to help them feel at ease in the country. They need people who understand both cultures and can bridge the gap between them.

  • Multimedia Professional

A lot of TV shows and movies are made in the Chinese language and you can be a part of their production process or open a production house of your own.

  • Content Writer

After BA in Chinese Studies you can work as a content writer in the area of Marketing. You can produce content that would help businesses to buy and sell products and services. You can also start your own blog and provide information on a specific topic of your interest. Last but not the least, you can also teach Mandarin online.

Job Profile Annual Salary in Lakhs
Content Moderator 1.4 LPA to 4 LPA
Chinese Translator 1.5 LPA to 11.2 LPA
Chinese Interpreter 3.6 LPA to 9.0 LPA


BA (Hons.) Chinese | Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the Best College for B A Chinese?

Ans. K.R.Mangalam University is the best among all the BA (Chinese Language) Colleges in India. They offer young aspirants quality education with practical methods of teaching, financial assistance, and awesome facilities.

Q2. What are the Scopes after BA (Hons.) Chinese?

Ans. There are various scopes you choose from like Content Moderator, Chinese translator, Chinese moderator, content writer etc.

Q3. What skills will I practice and develop?

Ans. During this programme, you will learn how to read, write and speak. You will develop skills such as communication skills, intellectual skills, research skills, analytical skills and many others.
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