January 7, 2020

‘In the industry of fashion, you shall be defined not by what you achieve but by how you will survive.’_ Anonymous

Existence without the tinge and shades of fashion is certainly unimaginable today as it stands as the core essence of the very lifestyle of the twenty-first century. The twenty-first-century millennials are vigilant regarding fashion, brands, glamour, and overall charisma more than ever before. This is one of the prime reasons why the face of fashion is evolving unexpectedly in remarkable ways, setting an ever-advancing and competitive platform for the newly emerging players in the industry.

As per records, nearly more than300 international fashion agencies might be setting their foot in India in the upcoming two years, making the Indian industry of fashion more extensive and lucrative. The Indian market for fashion will be representing a blended platform loaded with opportunities as well as challenges, which would require the next-generation career pursuers in fashion to be well-versed and acquainted with the tech-savvy, out-of-the-box, pragmatic tactics of the fashion world. Here are some of the effective tips for the novices to outlive the challenges and secure a successful career in fashion.

# Try and gain as much understanding as possible of the modern fashion industry

Attempt to delve deep into the underlying tricks, trading tactics, and stratagem of the fashion industry. For this, you may have to build your network with industry people. Also, keep working on practical projects, irrespective of the size, so that you get to gain hands-on know-how of the intricate concepts. The ability to professionally network, awareness of the current fashion trends, and workable knowledge of the latest techniques and technology employed in the fashion industry are some of the crucial areas that will definitely need your attention in the beginning.

# Expand your network to combat the competition

You got to keep in mind that a substantial percentage of graduates join the industry of fashion every year. Hence, in order to make your mark in the industry, it is imperative that you make industry connections and keep expanding your network with time. Networking effectively with peers, seniors, and known industry personalities will definitely help you a lot in the long run.

# Be a trendsetter rather than a trend follower

Pierre Cardin, Mary Quant, Alexander Mc Queen, Lady Gaga, Ritu Kumar are some of the names that never believed in dwelling in the ongoing industry trends. Rather, they worked big to present the world with something that was never experienced before. Hence, treasuring individuality in your skills is very important to lead ahead of the curve.

# Stay updated with the latest technologies

Smart tailoring, 3D painting,  integrating functional technologies, digital painting are some of the marvelous technologies that designers, stylists and textile designers often utilize to give an impressive level of dimension to their works. As a new artist in the league, you must try to remain updated with these technologies.

# Keep upgrading your portfolio

Fashion is a creative field, and your portfolio acts as your keystone to market your skills and establish your reputation in the industry. Hence, see to it that you not only have a strong portfolio of your work, but also ensure that you keep updating it with time.

The industry of fashion is ranked as one of the most progressive and lucrative professional arenas today that treasures immense potential for the young career pursuers. However, creativity or knowledge alone would not fuel the art of survival in the fashion industry. Today’s fashion world is looking for talents who can act as a package of expertise, know-how, value, and aptitude for them. We, at K.R. Mangalam University, the Top Colleges for Fashion Design Program In Haryana, provide enthusiastic minds with an excellent opportunity to hone their skills and prepare themselves as potent, competitive, and savvy fashion professionals. Our advanced curriculum brushes industry-relevant areas such as ornamentation, Fashion art, Fashion studies, Personality Development, and Computer Application, among several others. KRMU is known for providing the most industry-centric, career-oriented, hands-on training and industry exposure to students, which aids them to a huge extent in their professional sphere. The K.R. Mangalam University welcomes young, ambitious minds to its School of Fashion to begin an enriching journey in the field Best Colleges for Fashion Design Program Haryana that shall serve them gold in the long-run.

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