August 9, 2018

When we think of ‘fashion’, we generally equate it with garments and accessories that make us look and feel good. The term fashion, whether we realize it or not defines our personality. The item we prefer or choose generally reflects our mind and taste and helps us socialize based on shared interests. So to create the fashion that is in demand, the fashion industry puts in an extensive effort, research, materials, and investment to capitalize on the present trend and create a new one.

Fashion designers are the actual people who chalk up the designs and accessories that we adore so much. It is the designers who start from the drawing board with the fundamental outline, slowly giving it the form and shape of the items we so desire. The field of fashion designing is growing every day along with the many requirements for more innovative products that make a statement. Due to explosive growth in population and a rapid spread of urbanization, the demands for fashion and style accessories have also increased. It is currently a booming industry that is trying to cope with the avalanche of demands that has descended upon themquite recently.

Therefore, to create new and innovative designs, the garment companies and fashion giants need the skills and expertise of the present youth who are trained in the art and hold extensive knowledge of present-day fashion and trends. A world without fashion is almost unthinkable to many of us as it is the very epitome of innovation and art that expresses a range of feelings, for without it, everything will seem too functional, greyish, and devoid of the emotion that inspires us to create.

Fashion Designing as a Career

Any growing industry holds great potential for the employees who work in the field and fashion designing is no exception. Currently rated as one of the top and lucrative industries in the business, fashion designing holds enormous potential for those who are starting out as a fresher in the field. The expertise of a sound designer is in high demand and is well compensated for by their respective employers. Being related to the glamour world, it holds enormous potential for fame and stardom as well for those who succeed in the field.

Renowned fashion designers are often known to work for celebrities and movie production houses creating one-off pieces of art. Therefore it is of no coincidence that many youths seek to nurture their artistic side and aim to fill the shoes of the next celebrated designer in the fashion world. Designing something that is both aesthetically pleasing and also functional at the same time requires a lot of skills, a sharp eye, and an active mind as well. Therefore, extensive experience in learning the trade from a reputed institution that specializes in the field is of paramount importance as it becomes the preliminary guiding steps in the proper direction.

Scope and Potential of Fashion Designing

Since fashion designing is a growing trade, the popularity of such a field attracts lots of competition as well. The post of a Fashion designer is a significant one and as any investment in the mass production of a particular design is enormous, so the fashion designer must be aware of the volatile market and plan according to the popular taste of the buyers. As the success of any design forwarded by a designer depends on its popularity and sales in the market and the profit earned from it thereof, therefore the task of designing requires first-hand experience and a lot of hard work for those who start out in the field. Both fashion interns and designers are well paid for their services and thus require equal effort from their side to make a design successful.

There are a lot of part-time and self-employed options available as well for those who prefer it. Many designers start out their career as freelancer opting out a full-time job as the pay is equally excellent and many opt out in favor of creating their own ‘in-house’ design brand and producing exotic hand tailored garments which are also quite famous among the general populace.

As it can be seen, the market for such a career is huge and profitable, but to be truly successful, one needs to be thorough with the proper guidelines of the trade and proceed accordingly to achieve the desired results. This is where, we, atthe K.R. Mangalam University, one of the top-ranked private universities in Gurgaon, come to the assistance of the aspiring individuals, helping them hone their talent in the field. With years of wisdom and experience of our able teaching staff, we strive to equip our students with the tools they need for their future adventures in thefashion world. The various amenities and practical experience our university provides the students in terms of seminars, lectures, group discussions, and field study goes a long way. The success stories of our students are a testament to our methods of mentoring. It is with the artistic mind that our world was painted and we, at KRMU, pool our efforts to direct our youth on a path that leads to a brighter future with a flair for artistry as well.

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