December 12, 2019

The fashion designing industry is booming high as a medium of self-expression in the current times. Yes, it is an art applied to the making of clothing and lifestyle accessories, in respect to cultural and social influences, but it is surely also a highly preferred medium to express one’s inner self. In recent years, the industry has emerged as a lucrative, glamorous, and an appealing one, where creativity with professional skills and knowledge are mandatory to succeed.

Creativity is indeed a must in the fields like fashion design, but there are certain other vital aspects as well that form the core of fashion design and need to be constantly taken into account. One such integral aspect is the fabric of the textile. When it comes to developing a sustainable, commercially viable yet acceptable fashion, it is the fabric that plays an integral role. Indeed, mixing and matching the essential elements of fashion and making them perfectly align with the quality of the fabric used is what gives the fashion outfit an outstanding style and definition.

Role of Fabric in Fashion Design

Fashion is unthinkable without fabrics. It undoubtedly rules as the most important element in fashion designing. Fabrics are fundamental as the creation of ensembles in the fashion designing process starts with a piece of fabric. The right choice of fabric and texture sets the tone for the entire outfit. The type of fabric preference differs from designer to designer as each one of them has their own unique ideas about the use of fabrics in their designs and how they will need it to shape up the design. With so many technological advancements in the textile industry, there are various types of fabrics available in the market for designers to mix and match their ideas.

Fabric Patterns and Texture

It is important to consider the type of fabric and its texture when it comes to the design process. Anything from stiff cotton to soft satins with drapes can make a difference to the designs. Fabric textures range from pre-pleated, crushed, crinkled, to woven with raised patterns. Each fabric texture undergoes a unique process of weaving of fibers to get the desired effect and texture. For a designer, taking into consideration the patterns and texture inherent in the fabric is a must to come out with an appealing design.

Moreover, the perfect fabric needs to be of appropriate quality. A good quality fabric might be expensive, but it is an important factor for designers when choosing the fabric for their apparel. This is because using good quality fabric makes the outfit more pleasing to wear and is durable as well.

Fabric Selection

Choosing a suitable fabric is one of the vital aspects of fashion designing. Oftentimes, fabrics inspire garment design. It is the selection of an appropriate style for the chosen fabric and the perfect fabric for the curated design that makes the design a success. A designer has to choose the fabric based on the quality, price, suitability, and the existing fashion trends, keeping in mind what would work the best with the design. With constant observation and experience, a fashion designer can develop the ability to picture a design in mind with the fabric chosen to gain a visual image of what the end result would be.

Apart from designing, a good designer needs to understand the customer needs and what trends interest them. This is where a professionally-curated fashion design course could help aspiring individuals gather the ability to understand the nitty-gritty of fashion designing. With a fashion design degree, you can acquire the right knowledge of fashion design elements to create the perfect piece out of your imagination and creativity. Realizing the potential of the fashion industry, we, at the K.R.Mangalam University, at our School of Fashion, one of the Best Colleges for Fashion Design Program in Gurgaon, have developed an industry-centricBachelor’s Program in Fashion Design to provide the aspiring youth with the fundamental skills and knowledge in Fashion Design.

The three-year Bachelor’s degree program at K.R. Mangalam School of Fashion is both, creative and technology-oriented in character, with a focus on the ever-emerging demands of the global fashion industry. At K.R.Mangalam University, we offer high-quality education with the view of building a generation of creative professional fashion designers, capable of bringing a striking impact on the fashion industry.

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