November 24, 2020

Science and technology have been contributing to various fields of studies for a long. Particularly, in the last few decades, the advancement in the field of technology has been outstanding. Most of its new-age applications have benefitted the entire industrial landscape in some way or the other. At K.R. Mangalam University, we believe thatdigitization and integration with the internet system are two of the primary developments that have been consequent upon this unprecedented advancement of technology, and no industry has remained untouched by the same.

From agriculture to education, there is nothing that technology has not impacted profoundly. And the pharma industry is one sector that has gained plenty of advantages with the rapid digitization of the domain. On that note, we, at KRMU, one among the pharmacy colleges in Haryana, have listed down in this article below some of the ways in which digitization is benefitting the pharma industry and helping it evolve as one of the modern sectors capable of serving more people at a time.

Encouraging Research & Development

Research and development are integral to the growth of the pharma sector, particularly as it remains closely aligned with scientific innovations. As far as the pharma industry is concerned, clinical trials of the recently discovered, but under-trial medicines and vaccines are a must. While earlier, the industry had to resort to animals for necessary research; now, the clinical trial bots are used instead.

Besides, as you may know, a single mistake in the process of R&D can ruin the efforts of years. But now, with AI-powered robotic operated machines, the chances of human errors have come to almost zero ensuring accuracy in the R&D field of the pharma industry.

Aiding in the Development of Drugs

Machine learning and AI are the two wings of the technological field that have literally added pace to the overall research process to discover the new age drugs. Analysis of the available data set is now possible without any discrepancies and faults with the help of the advanced AI mechanisms. Hence, more drugs can be innovated to serve a greater proportion of patients suffering from critical ailments. Therefore, uplifting the overall healthcare system is now turning easier with the integration of technology into the pharmaceutical field.

Smoothening the Process of Supply Chain Management

Right from maintaining the inventory to ensuring regular distribution of life-saving drugs to even the remotest corner of the country, the pharmaceutical field is shouldered with the responsibility to ensure the overall operational smoothness of the healthcare sector through the regular supply of drugs and medicines. With the latest digitalized operational methodologies taking care of this end-to-end process, precision and accuracy remain guaranteed and hassle-free. Besides, technology also enables an insight into the real value of the chain, opening the scope of evaluation and recommendations for further betterment of the sector.

Technology is revolutionizing the entire pharma industry, and it is sure to impact the domain in many ways in the times to come. It is thus important that aspirants stay geared with the necessary training and knowledge that will help them cope with the advancements occurring in the pharma industry. At K.R. Mangalam University, recognized among thetop 10 pharmacy colleges in Haryana, we comprehend the need for the ambitious minds of today to remain updated with the technological advancements. And this is why, we, at our School of Medical and Allied Sciences, have always emphasized on teaching our pharma students the application of various tools and techniques that are employed in the modern-world pharmaceutical industry.

Thorough laboratory-based training is offered to each student at our university to make them acquainted with the ways the industry works. This focused training aids in grooming each of our students into productive employees of the sector in the long run. Our aim, at KRMU, is to ensure that every ambitious mind receives the most updated knowledge so that they can effectively contribute to uplifting the global pharmaceutical sector.

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