June 21, 2018

Journalism is the new face of present generation career trends where millions of young minds are continually racing into. Whether it is an inspiration, adventure, or instincts driving them, the youth is finding their flare in this profession. Journalism is one of the appropriate careers in this saturated environment of the job market where aspirants can acquire the ‘best of both worlds.’

In today’s time, it is difficult to keep both, the spirits of your creativity,as well as the work demands,high at the same time in case of most professions. It often comes to a point where you have to choose between the two.But it can be somewhat made trueif you get to live the life of a journalist, where you can actually suffice both aspects.

It needs to be mentioned here that the media industry is one of the domains that always craves magnificent talents.And yes, it is not everyone’s cup of tea! Making a place in the robust media industry requires not only domain-centric acumen but also demands intellectual skills powered by sheer creativity and intelligence that will help you deal with new scenarios every day.This is why it is important that whileplanning on majoring in journalism, you need to consider certain factors like your interest areas, passion, traits,and most importantly inbuilt skills that will help you dig into the fact that you are fit for this career.

Intellectual Inquisitiveness

There are millions of career options nowadays, but if you are here reading this article, something within you has driven you here and has evoked you to take a chance in the profession of journalism. Intellectual inquisitiveness is more of a trait than that of a skill, and every successful journalist has it inbuilt. If you have the hunger forattaining facts, information, and knowledge about the current occurrences, you do have the necessary traits that you can count on to interpret and identify your knack for the profession of a journalist.

An eye for the happenings of the world around is what will help you ascend in your career of journalism. Curiosity is a crucial need in excelling in any profession, but the requirement is more in journalism. Being accustomed to social media updates is not adequate when it comes to cultivating your awareness of the outer world. As an aspirant of journalism, you would be expected to keep an eye out for all genres when it comes to news, discoveries, or current global changes without any filtration.

A Knack for Influential Job Responsibilities

What has helped most of the journalists gain success in this career is their flair for ‘accomplishing something beyond professional success.’ Journalism is a people’s field, and you will be catering more of a public service irrespective of any position in the field. If you are a broadcaster, you will be performing for your audiences, if you are an editor or a writer, you will be showcasing facts and news stories that will connect with your readers, and everything you do will become the point of interest for the world outside. If you are prepared for such out-of-the-box, influential ventures, then journalism is certainly the right filed for you!

Specialist Acumen – Tech Skills and Writing Skills

The next significant thing is to possess a specialist insight. Well, journalism is way more than playing a mainstream news reporter nowadays. Working in the particular field does not require hunting down crime, celebrity, or sports news all day. As a journalism degree holder, you will have a wide range of options like social-media specialist, public relation manager, editor, copywriter, and more. In this scenario, being a mainstream writer or editor will not suffice. You will have to know how to characterize or mold your stories to give your work a new shape that will match media requirements. Modern journalism also demands extensive technical skills in career categories like photojournalism, graphic designing, multimedia designing, etc.

Innovation and Creativity

Well, another aspect that is important to take up a career in journalism is your keennessfor working outdoor with a new venture in a new scene every day.  Journalism will touch all tips of innovation, adventures, and creativity on a daily basis and if you think that you are the type who likes to explore similar possibilities, journalism might be the ideal choice for you.

But as you may know, besides all the aforementioned traits, succeeding in the competitive field of journalism also demands an in-depth domain-based acumen which ideallycomesfrom a strong educational background.In that direction, the K. R. Mangalam University, being one of thebest Journalism & Mass Communication Colleges in Gurgaon, caters students the right kind of education that is required to conquer the media industry nowadays.

We, at KRMU, understand that journalism is one of the most in-demand career options for students in today’s time and newbies do require extensive perception, strong domain knowledge, and special impeccable skill-sets to achieve higher goals. To that end, our journalism course is professionally designed to provide our students with a realistic idea of the current frame of the journalism field. The program is based on a highly robust, industry-centric curriculum that includes ample of industry-level projects, dissertations, and workshops to provide the students with a fair idea of how the actual journalism industry works. We also stress on-peripheral aspects like people’s skills and language skills to assist our students to execute their acquired knowledge in the best possible ways.

KRMU cordially welcomes enthusiastic minds from all across the nation to make the institute their stepping stone in exploring the sky-scraping opportunities in the existing media industry.

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