Best Career Options for Mass Communication Graduates 2022

Best Career Options for Mass Communication Graduates 2022

January 28, 2022
Mass Communication is the process of production as well as transmission of messages to a large audience. It also includes the processes by which messages are used and understood. This form of communication involves storytelling with strategy and purpose. The study of Mass Communication includes evaluating how messages can affect, influence, or persuade the target audience. This program will also help you to develop research-related skills. These skills can be applied to a number of fields, such as law, academia, and the professional sector. There are plentiful BJMC Colleges in Delhi that offer courses in Mass Communication.


Advantages of a Mass Communication Degree

A Mass Communication degree will allow students to analyze and understand various forms of media. It can also aid them to build a strong professional network in this field. Mass Media is an interdisciplinary field that has multiple dimensions like advertising, broadcasting, publishing, etc. This course can enable students to understand how media works and how its function affects our society. One gets to study how different cultures impact the media and vice-a-versa. Media history and laws is another segment that people get to learn while studying Mass Media. A degree in Mass Communication will give students the opportunities and confidence to create media projects of their own. They can also learn many skills by working on projects, products, or services that already exist in the market.
There are many advantages of studying Mass Communication from a BJMC college in Delhi. This course can assist you to improve your writing and speaking skills. It can also boost your self-confidence and give you the courage to handle yourself well in public. Mass Communication graduates are taught to be comfortable both in front and behind a camera—so you will surely learn to handle such equipment and to present yourself on video. Additionally, you will develop a knack for storytelling by learning how to produce diverse types of messages for different forms of media. But what’s a more crucial skill is knowing the significance of storytelling and its influence on our lives. Studying Mass Media will inculcate the understanding of the same within you. Developing your communication skills isn’t just essential for your career—it is a skill that will assist you in every single area of your life. It will add a lot of depth and charisma to your overall personality.
Opting for a degree in Mass Communication can aid you to realize your inner creativity and use it for professional purposes. It can also help you to learn how to think out of the box. People who study Mass Media are made to understand various aspects of society—that is why they end up becoming critical thinkers. Mass Media students are taught to question the existing structures and norms of society as the people working in the media industry are responsible for shaping the ideas, cultures, opinions and beliefs of the masses. This instils the sense of responsibility of becoming changemakers within them.

Careers in Mass Communication

If you wish to get into further studies, then you can go for a Masters and a PhD. Some Mass Communication graduates choose to dedicate their lives to academics. But if you wish for your degree to serve as a terminal so you can enter the industry, here are some career options that would be available for you:

Print Media

Print media consists of print publications like newspapers, books, magazines, etc. If you opt for a career in print media, you can become a journalist. As a journalist, you will get the opportunity to work for different news organizations and learn to gather and disseminate news. But if you are not so much interested in news, you can also work as a writer or an editor for a book or magazine of your choice. Since most of the content produced by businesses is available online in today’s time—some of the print publications are also available on the internet—you can work for the same. There are other jobs in print media just as a photographer, illustrator, photojournalist, etc. You can explore more areas in print media by checking out the websites of some Journalism colleges in Delhi.

Electronic Media

If you are willing to take up a career in electronic media, there are a plethora of options available for you. You can get into Radio Production and become a Radio Jockey, or perform back-end operations like writing scripts or handling guests. You can also become a Television Producer or take up other roles in the area of TV production such as cinematographer, make-up artist, actor, voice artist, etc. Filmmaking is another component of electronic media. If you are passionate about the different genres of film and the processes involved in their creation, then admitting into a BJMC college in Delhi will surely help you to pursue that road.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications consist of different sub-fields such as Advertising, Sales, and Public Relations. If you wish to get into advertising, you can become a copywriter or a graphic designer. Copywriting involves writing different ads and graphic designing deals with making visual content such as images and videos for them. If you are interested in Sales, your work will revolve around using multiple strategies to sell all sorts of products and services. But if you choose to become a Public Relations Officer, then your work would be to represent one or several brands, and to build a positive image of them for your publics. Marketing Communications also includes the field of Content Writing in which you would have to write blogs, articles, and social media posts for certain audiences.
In conclusion, Mass Communication is the process of production as well as transmission of messages to a large audience. There are multiple advantages of obtaining a degree in this field. Graduates of Mass Media would gain insightful perspectives on how to be changemakers in society. Students can take up jobs in Print Media, Electronic Media, and Marketing Communications after studying this field. K.R Mangalam is one of the well-known Mass Communication and Journalism colleges in Delhi-NCR.

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