June 2, 2018

In a phase, when as a ground norm, the higher percentage of young age population is opting for pure science curriculums or technical courses as their higher study fields, the endeavor of the youth brigade to elect English as their subject of graduation authentically appears as a ‘fresh’ move. While scientific theories and technological methods are practically dominating the arena of learning today, those fresh minds desiring to know at-depth the world’s numero uno language i.e. English, showcase a welcoming diversity.

But the vital apprehension that crops up here is about the professional future of each English language passed-out at a job spectrum where the increasing demand is for technically ‘wise’ students. Do these graduates too have access to multiple numbers of rewarding career paths like the ‘Science’ and ‘Tech’ pupils? Well, most promisingly, the answer is a Big YES!! Every English graduate does retain full-fledged scope to assume a progressive and prosperous career ahead; and the reason behind that is deep-seeded into some distinctive aptitudes, which one spontaneously masters over during the course of study. The skill of analyzing impeccably appears as the prime amongst them. This is the potency that gets correctly developed while comprehending the complex infrastructure of grammar and interpreting those intricate writings of world-famous essayists and thinkers.

Then there is the flair to laboriously research about any topic, which again the students adopt during tracing back the English language’s genesis and knowing about its dynamic evolution. Also significant is the creative propensity that gets enriched through acquaintance with works of stalwart authors and peerless poets.

Another learned attribute that matters the most at the backdrop of the present-day professional world is the expertise to interact (both verbally and by pen) in an immaculately eloquent and effortless maneuver. This is the cardinal quality of all English grads, which make them highly coveted employees in the official world. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, very well understand this aspect and have hence consequently structured our English Honors curriculum in such a fashion that adept focus falls onto the enhancement of each enrolled learner’s interactive ability at apparently every public scene.

To sum up, all of these afore-mentioned potentialities do permit the ambitious English graduates to venture out for some monetarily thriving and career-wise growing jobs like:

  • Copywriter — This is one of the ever popular and most pursued career paths for the English student fraternity. The students’ dexterity to relevantly use vocabulary, wisdom over sentence syntax, knowledge of maxims and innovative capacity to aptly ‘mingle’ words allow them to create mind-engaging catchphrases, slogans, and terminologies and help them get most readily absorbed into the flourishing world of the advertisement after graduating. They do start with a well-off pay package and have broadest opportunities to rise as the most significant human capital of the advertising world.
  • Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) — For English graduates willing to travel across the globe and triumph over it, this is the ultimate road to navigate. A TEFL certification aids an ambitious one to teach the lingo to all of those people who do not retain English as their first language and that too at any country around the world.  He/she can work as a self-employed persona or in the role of a faculty at a foreign nation’s educational establishments. On a standardized notion, the starting salary/earning of these individuals range within 2000-3000 U.S. dollars.
  • Lexicographer — One of the quite dynamic and prestigious professional profiles, lexicography, is the task where English grads’ capabilities to analyze rightfully and industriously research emerge to be worthwhile. While their acumen about the language’s history and development assist them to shape a corresponding dictionary in an optimally complete disposition with the best of the world glossary, the harnessed flair to decipher difficult literary texts and phrases permit them to magnify each included word’s usability by representing more of relevant examples. The researching potency again aids them to remain engaged with a constant exploration of the lingo’s inherent fabric and keep vigil over the evolution of new words and terms, which are worthy of inclusion. Thereby, English language students turn out to be best dictionary compilers and guarantors of the book’s all-time updated disposition. In this role, they can pursue worldwide employability at thriving remuneration.
  • Spokesperson/Program Presenter — The ability to relentlessly converse in English, spontaneously initiate a discussion, articulately co-ordinate ceremonies/ events/ debates/ interviews, etc., and perfectly communicate with international media, make English Honors degree-holders a top choice of corporate houses as their ‘Public Face.’ This flair also ensures work opportunities (inclusive of righteous compensation) at celebrated media platforms (TV & Radio) as ‘On Air Envoy.’

Thus, as you can see above, English language graduates are rightfully able to carve affluent and successful professional edges for themselves. All they actually require is state-of-art education from a reputed institute which can provide them the platform to spread their wings and fly. K.R. Mangalam University is one of the top 10 universities in Haryana that has been serving as a robust foundation for the English language students enabling them to accomplish their dreams. This distinguished scholastic organization guides learners to holistically explore the English language (from basics to apex) as an academic field, accomplish mastery over its productive implementation, and furthermore grooms them to utilize the language as their global tool of communication faultlessly.

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