What to do after BTech CSE

What to do after BTech CSE

April 21, 2022

What to do after B.Tech CSE? This is a difficult and impending question that all students must face once they have gone through extreme turmoil to reach the stage where they can pursue B.Tech. The easiest answer to this question is to choose whether to pursue higher studies or to get a job in the desired field. The third option is to explore job opportunities and get experience in the market. Using that experience to get into further studies and solidify my forte. In the following sections, we will discuss the options available to the rising star in the field.

Higher Education Options after B.Tech CSE

Considering the wide variety of options available in computer science, there are as many education options available as well. Once a student has figured out what to do after B.Tech CSE in terms of education, there are a lot of options they can explore. We have made a list of all available career choices here.

Master of Technology in Computer Science

The most obvious option to follow is a master’s degree in the same field. It will broaden the student’s horizons and make clear implications for the choice of computer science to choose as a career. M.Tech offers a lot of new areas to explore like android programming, integration and digital algorithms.
This will allow students to directly pursue project management in software engineering as a career option.

Master’s degree in Computer science specialisation

Instead of pursuing Mtech itself, one can choose to specialise in a particular field of CSE that they found interesting during Btech. A student can take up specialisation in computer graphics, software engineering, language programing, cyber security, digital governance and others. There are several colleges in India offering specialisation courses to students who don’t have a clue about what to do after Btech CSE.

Master’s in Business Administration

B.Tech CSE can also lead to an MBA in computer science with a chosen specialisation that can boost managerial prospects. Anyone interested in leadership roles or supervisory support in CSE can definitely go for this option.

Master of Philosophy in Computer Science

This degree has a philosophical angle to computer science and technology. It gives profound and inside-out information on the software engineering field. It likewise supports a student’s logical abilities and upgrades their ability to think. Generally, M.Phil is an extended program that shows you a wide scope of subjects about software engineering. Additionally, it is probably the best course after Btech CSE. Subjects you concentrate on in this degree differ for every school. The typical subjects are android coding, Data Science, and Web development.

Career Options after B.Tech CSE

After completing graduation in B.Tech CSE, a student can start pursuing challenging roles in the technology industry and create an impact with their skills in many ways. A student well versed with programming skills is in high demand in software and hardware engineering, networking, mathematics, algorithms, Internet of things, cloud computing amongst many more such niche fields. Listed below are a few career choices that one can pursue when pondering what to do after B.Tech CSE.

Software developer

The most prestigious and sought after role after bTech CSE is that of a software developer. As a Software developer needs to have skills for quick learning, fundamental knowledge of current affairs and a strong sense of programming languages like C, Java, PHP, Swift, Javascript etc. As most companies communicate through their online variations, this becomes a good opportunity for a software engineer and web developer to design the online presence for the companies.

Game developer

Not only websites, but video games today have great presence of computer technology and have some incredible design and animation aspects that can be treated by software engineers. Even mobile games now employ some form of software support to coordinate between animation, logic and delivery.

Data Analyst

A data analyst can read data from different mediums and come up with a logical system of relating the text and provide meaning to the data. The data analyst requires knowledge of languages like R, Python, SPSS, Advanced Excel and has to have qualities in collecting, processing and communication data. All devices in the world generate data, some even collect data for usage in varied fields. This data can be used in a multitude of functions but to read this data, one needs to be very proficient in data analysis

Database administrator

Every single network in the world requires maintenance. The clocking of data and keeping record of all items within the framework is the duty of a database administrator. Also, they assist with recovering the data in case of upload failure. An administrator has a very important role to be the backup of all possible digital information in an organisation.

Security liaison

Cyber security is a major issue in today’s world and catching criminals on a digital platform takes special skills. A graduate in Btech CSE can use their information technology security knowledge to good use and learn how to defend secure networks around the world.

Networking engineer

Systems administration of networks begins with the exchange of data starting with one gadget then onto the next gadget. Information in networking will give sufficient hypothetical and functional information in laying out systems administration in view of the necessity of the association.

Every one of the choices after B.Tech CSE give us a lot of decisions to pick the best options. It is normal to experience questions connected with the area of expertise while planning for a future after B.Tech CSE. It is essential to clear any doubts straightaway for a smooth transition. You can find solutions to every one of your questions from experts and specialists around the country. Ask your questions to professors, educators, family members and acquaintances with good software engineering records and experience. One can prevail in any field with an adept measure of interest. There is no field better compared to other fields of study, and everything relies upon advantage and intelligence. With incredible enthusiasm and hard work, we can accomplish prosperity in any work we choose.


Q1. Which is the best institute to pursue after B.Tech?
There are many great universities in India that offer advanced degrees after the completion of B.Tech CSE. Some of the colleges even offer the same specialisation as done in graduation

Q2. How do we choose the correct career option after B.Tech?
The best way would be to choose your area of strength. Understanding what is important and what can be a bankable skill in the CSE arsenal would be a good starting point. Also, the highest scoring topic in Btech can clear the mind.

Q3. How long does it take to get a job after a B.Tech CSE?
Campus placements are present in almost every Btech offering college or institute. Also, job portals and company job sites provide options as well that students can search for and apply.

Q4. Can a different field of study be pursued after Btech?
Yes. One can switch streams after B.Tech through MBA and can enter the management section of any industry.

Q5. How much money does it take to pursue education after Btech?
It usually takes about four to five lakhs to pursue courses in computer science from a reputed government university. However, private colleges also offer degrees with really high fees.

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