How to Build an Efficacious Resume Post-Covid Crisis

How to Build an Efficacious Resume Post-Covid Crisis

January 17, 2022
“Changing time is the essence of life”
The pandemic has changed the whole functioning of the economy. These rapid changes have disturbed the conditions of job seekers in society, many candidates are struggling for jobs that can provide stability and employment. Pandemic has left us in a dilemma and if you are searching for a job or want to start a new career this time is great but of course not perfect. After this down struck in the economy the only good news that we can come up with is the random change in the economic development which has created a centre of attention on various new career options which may be applicable tomorrow.
Alternative Career Options Post COVID-19
Here are some of the top career opportunities that will be available to the aspirant Post Covid-19 :
    • Smart Home Managers- Post pandemic the demand for smart home managers will rise as your home will become your next place to office as most of the companies have shifted to work from home module wherein all the operations are taking place while sitting at your place hence to maintain a space and environment for your office work demands for smart home managers will rise.
      School of Architecture and Design at K.R.Mangalam University offers courses in designing specialization such as Bachelor of Interior design and Bachelor of Science(Honours) Interior Design to train future professionals so that they can contribute to society and make a better place to live.
  • Sales and Marketing  Manager- Due to Crises the demand for marketing and sales manager will rise in post covid period because earlier the marketing sector has suffered because at times they were not able to sell some products as people used to buy the products directly from the vendors instead of home delivery of articles. This sudden shift in the economy will demand more marketing professionals who will be able to design and maintain such marketing strategies that will further help to cope up with the changes if such pandemics ever happen in future.
K.R.Mangalam University provides the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge in the marketing field by offering BBA and MBA programmes to students that will help them to shape a good career in the sales and marketing fields.
    • Artificial Intelligence Engineers- The demands for Artificial Intelligence Engineers will rise as most of the companies are trying to get familiar with modern technologies to solve real-time problems and come up with solutions to tackle critical problems. Artificial Intelligence will be in huge demand as it will easily overcome critical problems.
      School of Engineering and Technology of K.R.Mangalam University offers B.Tech and M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programmes to make students industry-ready and can come up with the solutions to solve problems and conduct research.
    • Cybersecurity Experts: During the pandemic period the screen time and usage of social media sites increased which further led to cybercrimes which increased the demands of cybersecurity experts so that they can help to solve the problems related to cybersecurity and maintain a tech-friendly environment.
      K.R.Mangalam University has come up with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Cybersecurity programme in which they train students to protect critical information of organizations by applying cybersecurity designs to prevent cybercrimes and attacks. The training is done in such a way that students are able to analyze and navigate the policy which is required to overcome the attacks. Students majoring in this field will contribute to society and help organizations to ignore such hindrances.
    • Financial Advisors- There will be an immediate need for financial advisors in various organizations who will control the flow of money and effective operations. As effective maintenance of financial statements is important. To train more aspirants K.R.Mangalam University offers BBA and MBA specialization in Finance programmes who can apply their skills and knowledge in providing financial advice to various organizations.
    • Legal Experts- As it can be witnessed that the whole economy is disturbed by this crisis, organizations are facing difficulties in maintaining employers transfers, onsite reputations and leaves as per the law hence to overcome these problems, organizations need legal experts and advisors who can maintain such things as per the laws.
      School of Legal Studies at K.R.Mangalam University offers BBA LLB and LLB programmes to the students who wish to pursue their careers as lawyers. The university aims at training the aspirants and making them industry-ready so that they can provide legal advice to organizations and can solve legal issues easily.
    • Entrepreneurs- Many small businesses were about to close because of these random changes in society which had become an eye-opener for many new ventures now they are taking advantage and is trying to strengthen their business which will in future gives opportunities to various job seekers which will further generate employment in the long run.
    • To help budding businessmen K.R.Mangalam is offering BBA and MBA courses in which they train students to become successful as the university has joined hands with SAMATRIX to provide knowledge from industry experts who will help the students to come up with new ideas and techniques.
    • Business Process Analyst- It can be seen that disturbance in the various business process had led to huge losses which call for immediate action hence the demand for business Process Analysts who can analyze the process and come up with ideas to overcome losses will rise. K.R.Mangalam University has come up with undergraduate degree programmes like BBA and MBA to provide in-depth knowledge related to business and create an understanding related to various small and large scale businesses.
    • Human Resource Managers- Demand for human resource managers will rise as organizations will require new job seekers who can perform the operations hence to keep a track of all those employees and acquisition of new talents and various other tasks human resources managers will be hired in future. School of Management and Commerce of K.R.Mangalam University offers BBA with a Specialization in Human Resources in which training is provided to the students and given the opportunity to learn and acquire new skillsets.
  • Digital Transformers- All organisations whether small or big have shifted towards the use of modern tools and techniques. Starting from developing an app to cloud chain technologies digital transformation will play an effective role in the near future. New applications and software will be made for completing the tasks more effectively and efficiently.


B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering programmes are offered by the K.R.Mangalam University to train the future generation in such a way that they can come innovative ideas in developing new applications which can save time and is eco-friendly.


With time the working and management styles of various companies are changing. Therefore, now it’s our duty to change ourselves according to the modern requirements of the world.

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