Best Career Options after LLM in India

Best Career Options after LLM in India

October 27, 2021
Law is one of the most lucrative and evergreen careers in any country. After having completed an LLB, a law student can either start practicing or pursue a Masters of Law degree. A Master’s Degree in Law is a postgraduate degree in the field of law that offers specializations such as International Law, Criminal Law, and Corporate Law, among many others. Graduates have the luxury of applying for jobs in a wide range of industries related to their field of study.
Following the successful completion of an LLM, vibrant career opportunities exist in both the public and private sectors. Students pursuing an LLM can work as a lawyer/advocate, legal advisor, law officer, and so on. With so many alternatives, students are usually puzzled about what is best to do after an LLM. Read this article to know more about the best career options after LLM in India.

What are the Career Prospects after LLM?

Today’s world necessarily requires expertise and skill-based degree programmes. BecauseLLM is a highly specialized degree that provides expert and subject-oriented coursework, there is a relatively broad scope after it. Most law graduates complete their LLM and gain a competitive advantage over other candidates, particularly if they choose to pursue a career in a growing and trending field such as the Corporate and Financial Sectors. Following graduation, there are numerous career opportunities in the legal field in both the private and public sectors.
Both of these industries seek LLM degree holders with in-depth subject knowledge. An LLM graduate may also choose to work as a freelance lawyer rather than in the corporate world.

Best Job Sectors for LLM Graduates

  • Consulting Bodies
  • Law Firms
  • Corporate
  • Finance
  • Courthouses
  • Media and Publishing Houses
  • NGO
  • UN and UNICEF International Organizations
  • Real Estate
Other noteworthy job sectors include railways, the armed forces, marketing, retail, insurance, and others.


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Top Job Opportunities after LLM?

Following the completion of an LLM, several highly valued career opportunities become available. The following professions are available to LLM graduates:
Judge: This is considered as one of the most prominent positions in any country’s judicial system. To become a judge, one must be well-versed in the country’s legal system.
Legal Advisor: Contract summarisation, legal research, writing, and contract administration are all assisted by court partners or associates. A legal representative will excel if they have expert knowledge in the subject.
Advocate: An advocate is a valuable specialist both in India and abroad. In order to carry out his activities, he must be well-versed in the country’s legal system.
Civil Advocate: A lawyer aims to assist in the negotiated settlement of individual cases, claims, guardianships, and divorce settlements.
Tax Advocate: These are lawyers who deal with all types of government taxation, including such as income tax, sales tax, and excise duty.
Corporate Lawyers: They handle the legal work of corporations, such as establishing and retaining firms and entering into various government contracts.
International Lawyers: Their job is to negotiate international relations and customs between nations, as well as to advise them on various projects.


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Top Government Jobs for LLM Graduates

There are ample opportunities in the government sector for a qualified LLM student. They could be a Magistrate, Judge, Legal Advisor, or Public Prosecutor. There is also the possibility of establishing a teaching career in private and public universities after passing Judicial Services Exams or any other relevant exam. Here are a few examples of government jobs that a graduate could apply for:
Position Average Salary
Law Clerk INR 3,60,000 LPA
Law Assistant INR 5,50,000 LPA
Legal Researcher INR 8,00,000 LPA
Civil Judge INR 10,00,000 LPA
Legal Officer INR 8,40,000 LPA
Public Prosecutor INR 5,00,000 LPA
Guest Faculty INR 4,80,000 LPA

Other than this, some other opportunities that are open for the graduates are Indian Railways, Defence, Excise Department.

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Top Private Jobs for LLM Graduates

When it comes to the corporate companies in this sector, LLM graduate students have a plethora of options. The following are some of India’s well-known law firms:

Hiring Company Average Salary
Khaitan & Co INR 17,00,000 LPA
Luthra and Luthra INR 16,00,000 LPA
Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas INR 16,60,000 LPA
S&R Associates INR 21,00,000 LPA
AZB & Partners INR 20,00,000 LPA

KR Mangalam University LLM Course

KR Mangalam University(KRMU) LLM course is considered the best law course in Delhi NCR. The university avidly focuses on transforming young law graduates into law experts for the new generation. KRMU School of Legal Studies knows the need of the hour and hones the skills of these young talented students and guides them to the path of success through their innovative pedagogy and curriculum structure.
A career in the legal sector usually requires a good level of expertise, skill sets, and zeal. It necessarily requires social awareness. However, after completing an LLM, professional life opens up a broader spectrum of subject-specialized industries. So, if you work really hard, you can guarantee a prosperous future for yourself after graduation.

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