September 28, 2018

Health is one of the most important factors that not only encompasses our life but also provides us with the right motivation and energy in fulfilling our duties and responsibilities. Therefore, it is imperative that we try and stay in the pink of our health and in case any illness strikes, we recover from it safely and swiftly. This is where the healthcare industry, and especially the pharmacists,comes into the picture whohelpus with the right kind of medications that aid us in dealing with our health problems.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are among those dynamic professionals who are committed to fulfilling and providing patient-oriented healthcare and medicinal expertise in the process. Dispensing of proper medicines specific to illness and diseases requires prime skills,aptitude,and training. Such pharmacists are, therefore,not only among the key personnel in any healthcare facility but also serves as a vital source of pharmaceutical knowledge to provide preliminary advice to the general public/patients regarding the use of medicines. The world pharmacist day hosted first by International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2009 has been crucial in not only showing the admiration for such professionals in our lives but also to educate everyone on the vital role such professionals undertake.

To be a pharmacist, one requires intensive knowledge of medicines and how they are used to treat diseases. One of the significant aspects of a pharmacist is that he/she serves as the middle ground between doctors and/or medical institutions and the patients. Therefore we, at the K.R. MangalamUniversity, as a premier institute and one of the top pharmacy colleges in Haryana, in light of the recently celebrated World Pharmacists Day, would like to highlight the importance that these professionals hold in our lives and the superior expertise that an able pharmacist employs in the field.

Pharmacists – The Medicine Experts

The theme of this year’s World Pharmacists Day2018 has been“Pharmacist: Your medicines experts.” As the theme suggests, the pharmacist is mainly involved in dispensing the proper kinds of medicines according to the complex needs of the patient. Treatment of any disease requires a great deal of knowledge in medication and drug types, functions, and the target effects of such medications. A pharmacist, therefore, with such skills is essential to the functioning of the healthcare industry. With an array of knowledge about the numerous kinds of medicinal products in the market, a pharmacist’s advice seems both invaluable as well as a necessity in providing the right type of treatment by dispensing the proper form of medications in the right doses.

Any proper health care service is incomplete without the expertise of a pharmacist. If you see, the medications and drugs that a doctor uses to treat patients are ultimately provided by the pharmacist only and if in case any mismatch happens at this place, it can directly take a toll on patients’ health. Today, due to the numerous products developed by the massive pharmaceutical industry, the market has been flooded with medicines that both vary in dosage and function and cater to very specific needs of the patients. As such, a pharmacist’s job becomes an incredible task in cataloguing all of these medicines and know about their functions in details so that he/she can provide the right kind of medication and advice on the dosage that may be required, and can also guide the patients on the correct alternatives if the prescribed medicine is not available. Besides, in cases of minor emergencies, a pharmacist owing to his/her vast knowledge is also entitled to provide preliminary first aid and nominal treatment for those wishing to avoid the tedious visits to the doctor’s chamber for such trivial matters.

A pharmacist’s degree requires extensive knowledge in Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Anatomy, Biology, Immunology, and Organic Chemistry, among other subjects. Being a pharmacist demands the professionals to have immense expertise on the subject. Any slackening from their responsibilities can cost life to someone. Unlike the stereotypical concept, being a pharmacist is much more than just dispensing drugs and pills to the patients. Their role and responsibilities extend far beyond than that. To show appreciation and respect for such an important profession that, in fact, forms the foundation of the health care services that reach us, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, salute all the pharmacists who work really hard all around the year to ensure better health for us.

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