January 9, 2019

Education has always been the pillar of society, and the path of the future gets enlightened only when the children of today receive the best quality education enriched with values, ethics, and morals instead of just a few pieces of information related to any domain or subject. The popular adage that the purpose of education is to bring a thirsty horse near the sea stands time-tested and firm as we keep on exploring new horizons of education no matter how radically the times and the history has changed itself through the course of civilizations. The primary focus of education has always remained to promote knowledge, wisdom and erudite. However, as the world around us has gone through a paradigm shift in terms of social values, economic aspects and technological dimensions, the scope of education has changed a lot and has assumed a new form under its eternal shell of moral and ethical values.

With the traits like humanities, literature, mathematics, political science, philosophy which have once ruled the erudite corner of the world, engineering studies have now taken their position in the mainstream studies as the stream of time flowed into technological advancement with people at large becoming more dependent on science for daily life as well as professional life. Engineering studies cannot be considered as a cumulative arrangement of multiple branches, rather each domain associated with the engineering trait has their own significance that makes them contemporary or less relevant depending on the demand parameters with respect to the modern supply of scientific researches. The branches like Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science, and Civil Engineering are some of the streams that have managed to gain and establish their importance in the education field with the changing trends in consumer behavior and market digitalization.

Diverse engineering branches that have continued to maintain their Worth

Engineering is a stream of education that largely depends on practical knowledge and logical explanations and categorical interpretation of any incidence that occurs around us. As the global economy has taken a shift towards technological advancement, computer science has become the most important trait that has become an integral part these days in every sphere of our lives. Whether you are a businessman, academician, sportsman, serviceman, or a homemaker, computers are of almost equal importance to all of us. The process of living has predominantly become dependent on digital applications, and from developing software to placing orders of groceries, technology is the one thing that has managed to secure its place. Apart from the direct dependence on information technology, the other streams that have withstood the test of time and have remained equally important throughout these years are Electronics & Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering that basically form the root of the subject.

  1. R Mangalam Stands as a Symbol of Excellence in Engineering Studies

We at K. R Mangalam University, a top-ranked private universities in Gurgaon, cater to the purpose of effective education in terms of providing a huge scope for learning and exploration to the ambitious engineering students pertaining to the popular branches like Electronics & Telecommunications, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering and Electrical Engineering in a way that they get enriched with ample of industrial exposures as well as the humanitarian aspects of life. We, at K.R. Mangalam University, believe that apart from being a good engineer, it is also of paramount importance that a student becomes a human of strong ethical values and moral grounds. We hence, not only promote and guide them to become dynamic professionals but also promote their inner strength to stand up to any adversity in life. The Engineering courses offered at K.R Mangalam University are designed to make the engineers of tomorrow the right human who would lead the nation in the future.

We, at the K.R Mangalam University, at our School of Engineering & Technology, promote engineering education in all these diverse branches with a key focus on making the students capable of serving the global market of tomorrow. Apart from nurturing the knowledge thirst of the students, we also endorse practical classes that give them a hand on experience. At K. R Mangalam University, the students are awarded degrees that not only bear the grades but also render the value to it. What makes us stand apart from the rest of the crowd is our knowledge-oriented curriculum amalgamated with the unique pedagogical styles and approaches of our best-in-industry mentors and an equipped infrastructure. K.R. Mangalam University, one among the best engineering colleges in Gurgaon, offers a robust platform to the ambitious engineering aspirants who are willing to make their mark in the future. Be it an undergraduate course, a postgraduate course or doctoral course, K. R Mangalam University aims at enabling the young minds to pursue excellence in education to lay down a stronger and a brighter foundation of tomorrow.

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