June 14, 2018

It is a determined fact that the axis of the corporate world is not spinning on any single aspect. It is an ever-advancing realm of multiple talents emerging, performing, and vacating every day. Greater factors like globalization and corporatization have not only influenced the bigger picture but have set highly specific criterions and norms for today’s professionals to survive in the corporate world. As such, there is a rising need for additional traits, ideas, and skills other than basic process knowledge and academic qualification to excel your career in this saturated environment.

The modern corporate culture demands dynamism over basic skills, leadership over dictatorship,and adaptability over diligence. Not all individuals are prepared to face the superior corporate ambiance of today. This applies especially when one is a fresh B school graduate, and hence, in this article here, we will be taking a look at some of the golden lessons and norms that young b-school graduates can adapt to for outliving the modern corporate world with utter conviction.

Apart from the usual lessons that are the boiling topics when it comes to outliving today’s corporate world, a crucial one is to give due significance to perception over performance. Undoubtedly you promotions are based on performance to some extent, but the modern corporate culture follows a more open mindset when it comes to the final assessment and consideration. The concept of perception over performance here indicates showcasing the appropriate perception to your organization when it comes to working.

Unlike, school culture, you will no more be promoted solely on your grades and ratings. Most of the corporate organizations in today’s time have a talent poolwhich is filled with individuals from a diversified cultural background. In that scenario, you will be required to make slight adjustments and reconciliations when it comes to showcasing your approach and perception about the tasks and responsibilities that have been assigned to you,as and when needed. Ultimately, in the modern corporate world, a higher position is often offered to those who reflect cognizance in their responsibilities other than portraying sky-scraping performance.

Secondly, the current corporate floor needs feet that will not walk rather roll like wheels in a time-lapsing speed. To break it down, it is all about being at the right place, at the right time, with the right company. Haven’t you heard that it so happens at workplaces at times that the person who performs the best doesn’t get as many appraisals and promotions as the one who is not so good. Well, that is so because the candidate might not be the finest performer but is proactive and sharp enough to pluck the opportunity at the right time.

Opportunities do not wait for long in today’s times of cut-throat competition. Also, it is not always possible to stay updated and informed about the upcoming opportunities in an organization. This is where building a substantial network within your organization works as the key tactics. Being with the people with whom you not only grow personally but professionally is the key to your success. Being in a pool of influential trendsetters, seniors, and mentors will help you to get accustomed with the paradigms of the organization and will contribute to your achievements more than you can imagine.

Call it a norm, regulation or a lesson, another key to surviving in the fast-paced corporate environment is about being aware of the fine line between invading a conversation and participating in it. When you are a part of the corporate world, you represent a considerable part of the business through your most demanded skill that is communication. Irrespective of how pro you are when it comes to analytical, technical, or process skills, you need to possess strong interaction skills as well. But the catch is to use the skill set in the right way. As an intern or a new candidate in an organization, you may have to participate in organizational meetings, conferences, discussions, etc. and you should know when to speak out and how exactly to oppose a point while participating in a conversation. The right kind of communication is essential and is essentially one of the many virtuous reasons why some of the ‘corporate leaders’ are called the ‘LEADERS’ today.

The aforementioned lessons possess understandings beyondfacts and though these insights mostly remain concealed, it is highly essential for candidates planning to step into the corporate world to tactfully recognize as well as adopt them, which is logically only be made possible by a strong fundamental base. In that direction, an institution that is worthy of a mention here is the K. R. Mangalam University, which is one of the best university in Haryana. We, at KRMU, believe that students require an extensive exposure right from their academic life for the success to follow. The MBA degree program conducted by KRMU is loaded with corporate Talk Series, Live projects, Guests lectures and Case study competitions, through which, our students can take maximum opportunity to express themselves. Our cutting-edge- course curriculum and modern learning environment along with a dedicated placement facility aim to create higher corporate connections for students. If you are prepared to dive into the excellent opportunities waiting for you ahead, make KRMU your stepping stone to a brighter future.

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