December 23, 2018

The next decade business landscape is expected to be massively influenced by the newly emerging factors. Globalization, corporatization, biotechnology, robotics, automation, artificial intelligence(AI) will be the new faces of the future professional world. Workplaces are already undergoing significant evolution,and the current generation professionals are aware of the particular fact. The career outlook in most of the professions is radically reshaping,and we can, hence, expect countless new options fordifferent kinds of job roles in the times to come.

Some job positions are expected to be created while some of the existing professions are predicted to be in sheer demand in the job marketeven ten years from now. There are chances of witnessing a boost in job prospects in all major industrial sectors, but fields like management, healthcare, automobile, and engineering are being expected to run at the top of the list. Briefly highlighted below are some of the career options that will certainly be trending in the next decade:

# 5Phlebotomists – The main task of a phlebotomist involvesdrawing blood for services like donations, transfusions, research, and even regular blood tests. This taskneeds field-basedinsight into medical practices, terminologies and medical drug functionalities. This is one of the health services that will be on the rise in the next decade.

# 4Operations Research Analysts–The job of these professionals includes blending logical and critical thinking with theinteractional, calculative, and problem-solving skills to keep everything running on time. These professionals will be responsible for collecting data from various sources and examiningthe information, creating projecting models, utilizing databases, making memos and reports, and more. Since the future business landscape is going to become more intricate and advanced, these perfectionists will take over and play a crucial role.

# 3Software Developers/Application Developers–With the emergence of cloud computing, cloud-based technologies, high-end electronic devices, the profession of software development is already on the go. It seems that they will act as the right hand of busy professionals in the corporate industry and will help them by providing them with robust tools to make a breakthrough. Companies are nowadays investing generously in analytical tools and automated software to add an edge to their business infrastructure and raise profits. There will be hence enough room for software developers and application developers even after 2028.

# 2Statisticians– The profession of Statisticians is one of the most sought-after ones that have been ruling the job market for years. This is considered one of the most challenging professions of all times that requires multidimensional insights like critical thinking, creativity, in-depth field-knowledge, and much more. If you are planning a future in this career, know that you will always be bestowed with plenty of opportunities.

# 1 Solar Photovoltaic Installers– This is going to be one of the most sought-after careers in the future. The entire urge of the next-generation crowd towards a sustainable environment is opening up several pathways for skilled professionals in the field with an increase in demand for sustainable energy sources, green environment, and solar energy. It is one of the fields that showthe highest projected growth for the next decade which sums up to approximately 105.3%.These professionals effectively plan systems according to the specific requirements of clients. Some of their roles include installing systems on buildings and other locations, connecting panels to electrical systems, troubleshooting, and performing maintenance.

Mapping out your career objectives is a crucial step that plays a major role in leading you towards a successful future. Racing into it is not a wise move,and it is imperative that you go into why and how these workplaces and industries are evolving, what factors are responsible for the evolutions and what role should you play in order to fit in. It is vital to understand and figure out a moderate idea of aspects like,

  • How organizational reorganization will evolve job demand
  • How a progressivelyuniversal and varied talent pool will outline job creation
  • How to effectivelyfamiliarizewith prompt technological change
  • How to groom your skills for working influentially in a connected network

Figuring these things out is not a matter of time. It requires years for one to drill down to the answers of these million dollar questions that finally shape your future career. It is hence essential that you take up your education from an institute where you get to gain from the experience of the faculty and the alumni group as these are the people who can help you benefit immensely from their own experiences. Besides, the institute should be the one that provides you with extensive practical exposure and enables you to absorb some real-world knowledge of the job market. This is where, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, stand strong as one of the most reputed educational institutions in the country today.  Ever since our inception, we have been helping the ambitious minds to sharpen their adroitness and dexterities with a new robe. Globally recognized and trusted, KRMS, one of the best private universities in Gurgaon, is known for acting as the vessel for talented professionals enabling them to excel their careers and thrive as leaders in the coming times.

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