August 19, 2018

India, one of the fastest growing economies across the globe, is showcasing excellent progression in diverse industries. There has been a significant hike in the job profiles, wherein, Data science grabbed the key attention. In the year 2017, the Data Scientist was the only profile to witness an increase in the salary by 25 percent.
Data Science, undoubtedly, is the most emerging and hottest career choice within the industries. However, establishing a career into one is not an easy task. There are certain aspects that need to be focused upon, to ensure the procurement of the desired profile. Below mentioned are the key essentials for the aspirants to begin their career in the area of Data Science:

  1. The Right Choice: Often, Data Science is recognized by the profile of Data Scientist,but, the options are not limited to a single profile. It is imperative for an aspirant to be aware of the other roles associated with the segment. From, Machine Learning expert to Data Engineer or Visualization expert, there are a range of role that can be effectively compared based on both qualifications as well as experience.
  2. Broader perspectiveon Tools:There have been a range of misunderstandings over the tools, prevailing mind-set of the aspirants. One must be aware of the fact that merely attaining a knowledge of tools is not enough to qualify for a Data Science role. A deep insight of statistics, followed with the scientific methods is a must for every candidate.
  3. Focus on practical: While undertaking a course on Data Science, students focus extensively on theory, however, it is equally important to implement the understanding in practical. Thus, make sure that all the concepts are clear and well executed. On the other hand, a candidate must mark their presence into the joint discussions to explore a wider level of understanding on Data Science.
  4. Communications Skills:Skills are a major aspect to attain a job where, communication plays a crucial role. At times, if a candidate is excellent with their knowledge, but fail to communicate the understanding during an interview, that’s when they lose their opportunity for a desired profile. Hence, focusing on attaining excellent communications skills will ease the gateway to Data Science.
  5. Networking: A strong networking do wonders for candidates, when, seeking opportunities to establish a career in India’s hottest field. It is suggested to the aspirants that they start getting active on LinkedIn and start engaging themselves with the corporates associated with the respective field. Though, the trick goes extremely well, when done appropriately, however, make sure that one must no overdo and focus on their development.


  1. Consult: Making a decision on the role is a complex task in the area of Data Science. Often, candidates get confused when they come across the range of roles. Thus, a candidate must involve in an active consultation with their mentors to achieve the required clarity over the profiles. After all, an expert guidance is a must for those looking forward to enter this magnificent field.

India has witnessed a 400 percent increase in the demand for Data Science professionals. The reason behind such upsurge is an unstoppable technological advancements within the sectors. After considering such progressiveness, LinkedIn is suggesting the candidates to actively look for the opportunities. The above mentioned essentials will serve their best possible way for an aspirant to attain a desired role in the concerned field.

Now that the demand for Data Science professionals is emerging within the economy, the institutions are also making certain to deliver several Data Science courses. The courses in the metro cities are gaining a considerable attention. In order to acquire a place within the top 10 institutes for data science in India, the competition has increased to a great level.

K R Mangalam University,offers the finest course delivered by the expert professionals. The course is embedded with experiential learning which involve industry visits, seminars, conferences, and so on. The institute is a proud host to the industry leaders during the placements season, with exciting job profiles followed with remarkable salary packages. Also, K R Mangalam focuses on training their students professionally and make sure they are industry ready, right before their final placement day. Such exceptional quality of education has made it one of the best universities.

After considering the current scenario for the data science industry, it is currently the most trending area to establish a career into. And, yes, there is an outstanding news for the aspirants – Data Science is not getting down in the next coming years, in turn, there are a lot of opportunities awaiting on the door.

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