Career Scope & Opportunities in Pharmacology

Career Scope & Opportunities in Pharmacology

January 31, 2021

With the rising graph of health ailments, infections, and maladies occurring across the world, the arena of medicines is persistently striving for more research and innovation.  As per the statistics gathered by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the percentage of recorded health ailments surged from approximately 1.9 million in the year 1992 to 3.9 billion in 2013. In 2015, the figures went up to 4.1 billion, and as per current forecasts, it would reach about 4.7 billion by the edge of 2021. Therefore, with the constant rise in health ailments and the aging population, you can guess the number of healthcare pharmaceutical professionals that today’s society requires.

To that end, the modern industry of pharmacology can be well-defined as a platform beholding the most interesting, intriguing, and challenging roles in the arena of pharmaceutical sciences. Today, pharmacology careers are counted among the top lucrative and prestigious ones, promising continual career growth to pursuers. Aspirants, with a degree in pharmacology, can practice in the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, or even reputed healthcare institutes.

Several opportunities and Career Scopes in Modern Pharmacology in this Article Below

Research and Development

R&D is one of the most prominent career lines in pharmacology. This is mainly because the entire industry tends to thrive on intricate innovations, new discoveries, and researches. Professionals in this field are specially trained on the backdrop of medicinal uses, side effects, reactions, and affectivity. These professionals often remain involved in works related to the formulation, process development, toxicological studies, or clinical trials.

Pharmacology Production and Manufacturing

This is a perfect path for you if you are interested in entrepreneurship. Most professionals in this path launch their own business ventures. The production and manufacturing can be surrounded by anything, which includes medical equipment, medical devices, surgical dressings, ayurvedic products, biotechnological products, etc.!

Analysis and Testing

Analysis and testing is again another field that resembles R&D. There are crucial and complex experiments and medical testing carried out for quality assurance and quality control. Skills to understand testing procedures and handle high-end sensitive equipment are required to succeed in this profile.

Biomedical Scientist

These professionals work closely with health professionals and nurses to understand and diagnose ailments and their severities. They are often assigned to hospital departments like A&E. Performing specialist analytical testing, routine test or testing biological samples are some of their common job responsibilities. However, they can vary as per requirement.

Marketing in Pharmacology

This is one of the allied professions in pharmacology that is frequently chosen by the young aspirants. With the emergence of new medical drugs in the market, the pharmacology development and marketing procedure aim to provide enough proof for it to be accepted as a marketing authorization. This field requires acute technical knowledge and health and medicine marketing insights.

The average remuneration of a pharmacologist professional in India ranges around INR 5-6 Lakhs. Mentioned above were some of the most leading-edge career lines in pharmacology in which the next-generation health workforce is showing much intrigue. If you are looking forward to igniting your passion in the field of pharmacology, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, recognized as the best university in Gurgaon, can provide you with the best platform. The B. Pharma program offered by KRMU is enriched with the most functional areas in the current medical industry. The world-class program is designed in a highly strategic way to aid aspirants to unfold their careers in any route they prefer with utmost conviction.

The program aims at instilling the students with core insights and skills so that the aspirants become industry-ready and get equipped to execute their expertise on the global scale. Students are provided with hands-on training from the best lot of educators in the nation. Join KRMU to explore and take your skills, research potential, and industry knowledge to the next-level and entice the best opportunities in pharmacology.

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