Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana 2024-25

Best Engineering Colleges in Haryana 2024-25

January 20, 2024

B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology is one of the most sought-after courses among students. There are a number of the best engineering colleges in Haryana but choosing one is a pivotal decision among aspiring students.

Haryana is well known for its educational prowess in India, which hosts top esteemed engineering institutions. However, among such top institutions, K.R. Mangalam University stands as one of the best engg colleges in Haryana.

The university not only offers a top-notch btech education but also lays foundation a nurturing foundation for the engineers of tomorrow. Let’s look at some of the key reasons why students prefer a btech course at K.R. Mangalam University.

Programmed Offered At KRMU

As one of the top engineering colleges in Haryana, the university offers a diverse range of programs. Each program course is well designed with industry standards and fostering expertise in their fields. The programs emphasise a harmonious balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Also, the practical class of each program encompasses core engineering and technology subjects with industry-relevant projects, hands-on laboratory sessions, and opportunities for research and innovation.

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Advanced Curriculum

The B.Tech program at K.R. Mangalam University is designed to be contemporary and comprehensive, aligning with the latest advancements in the field of engineering. For example, the curriculum of B tech computer science emphasises futuristic engineering kitchen and research units. Similarly, all the program comes with engineering colleges and their specific research units that ensure an absolute preparedness for successful career progression.

Along with the advanced curriculum, the university offers:

·         More than 30+ state of the art labs

·         The only university that offers Engineering Kitchen

·         Robotic labs for the students have been set up in collaboration with IIT Bombay

Experienced Faculty

The quality of education of any institution is based on its highly qualified and experienced faculty members.  At krmu, the faculty members a highly qualified and selected on the basis of their professional achievements and credentials.

Each faculty member of the university holds advanced degrees with a background of working at a leading firm and research.  Learning under the faculty of such experience and academic achievement holders ensures students get all the latest trends, technologies, and practices in their respective engineering fields.

Practical Learning Approach

In the field of engineering, practical learning plays a crucial role for students because it helps them to enhance their technical skills and also communication skills as well. At karma, the faculties of the School of Engineering & Technology (SOET) focus more on developing practical skills in students by giving real-life scenarios. The practical skills help students to get hands-on experience, hands-on experiences, experiments, and simulations. As a result, these practical activities allow students to understand and implement concepts beyond textbooks.

Moreover, these practical activities programs ensure that each student will not only get the theoretical concept but also know how to apply such theory in practical scenarios.

Industry Exposure and Placements

To live up to its reputation of being one of the best engineering colleges in Haryana, the university offers students the trajectory of placements and internship opportunities. With strong industry connections, the university has a special training and placement cell. The placement cell works closely with the top tech companies and organizations. They make sure that each student gets industry-oriented grooming and mentoring.

They also arrange internships and industry projects to enable students to get an overview of the professional world. Furthermore, the university has a strong alumni network that helps students valuable industry connections, mentorship opportunities, and insider knowledge of their respective industries.

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Vision and Mission

KRMU aims to teach students with the applied knowledge of science and technology used in the field. The university follows the model of excellence in scientific and technical education, which helps students in learning, research, and innovation.

In the same manner, the university’s mission is to provide world-class knowledge to students along with supportive activities. These activities are aligned with practical classes and research that fulfil the core objective of engineering for students.

In other words, the mission and vision of KRMU encapsulate a multifaceted approach to education that not only emphasises academic excellence but also develops critical thinking in young learners.

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Top Facilities

As the best engg college in Haryana, KRMU takes pride in its top-class facilities that help students enhance their educational experience. With over 30+ KRMU state-of-the-art labs and engineering kitchen facilities equipped students with all the latest technology developed in the engineering world.

Besides, these labs are equipped with all the practical tools and machinery that help students get hands-on experience during their studies. For example, students in computer and information technology get their research work at specialized computer and iOS labs. There they can learn and work on live projects related to coding and app development.

In the same way, students who enrolled in the other B tech programmes can engage in the live projects. The faculty members make sure that all students can get all the required resources they need during their studies.

Knowledge Partner

The university has collaborated with top tech giants that help students explore the world of tech companies and institutions.  These collaborations are made with the fusion of industry expertise with academic excellence. Also, these industry collaborations with tech giants enable students to understand the new technology and innovation that are required in companies.

Besides, they conduct guest lectures and seminars led by industry professionals where they will teach students how to tackle real-world challenges and get their own solutions. These lectures are very important for students as the engineering field is full of practical applications.


A diverse range of programs, advanced curriculum, experienced faculty, practical learning approaches, industry exposure and placement opportunities make KRMU the best engineering college in Haryana. Besides, the curriculum of the program is tailored made with a blend of innovative programs, advanced technology and unparalleled facilities. These qualities make the university one of the top engineering colleges in Haryana.

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