October 9, 2019

The twenty-first-century agro-industry is no longer confined to science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. There are key developments taking place in this particular field influencing the millions of lives on the planet significantly. The next-generation fledgeling minds, professionals in the field of agriculture, and agricultural entrepreneurs are constantly exploring innovative strategies to revolutionize the entire food chain and the way how the agro-industry works. They are at the lead of lowering food waste and loss, booming crop yields, enhancing market access, introducing novel technologies, and boosting urban and sustainable farming procedures and practices across the world.

It is quite evident how the agriculture industry is advancing in today’s time. More and more youth are realizing the potential in the agriculture industry and are willing to move up the ladder as agricultural entrepreneurs. However, to rise as a successful agricultural entrepreneur in the modern market of agriculture and farming, one needs a robust and unshakable foundation of knowledge and practical insights. We, at KRMU, at our School of Agriculture, hence offer an industry-centric, career-oriented program in Agriculture, which has been specifically designed to aid the transformation of ambitious young minds into successful and full-fledged entrepreneurs. We understand that the avenue to landing as successful entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture is easier said than done. We, at KRMU, ranked among the Top Universities in Gurgaon, have hence adopted a unique and effective approach to simplify the intricacies for the budding agro-entrepreneurs.

Familiarizing students with the concept of entrepreneurship

We believe that in order to land as an entrepreneur in the field of agriculture, it is imperative that one understands the underlying aspects, market complexities, and demands. One needs to understand what exactly entrepreneurship is and how one can draw maximum benefits from the same. The KRMU’s SOA curriculum and training system are carved to provide the students with the apt entrepreneurial mindset, core agro-business knowledge, and an in-depth idea of the emerging challenges of the modern market.

Learning innovative ideas surrounding the world of agriculture

Be it a small-scale or a large scale, agro professionals should consider their farms as able trading bodies, and this standpoint is essential. Agro-professionals must treasure a remarkable ability to adapt to new technologies that aid them to organize their farms in advanced and innovating ways. This is, in fact, the first step towards becoming an agricultural entrepreneur. Learning the art of tackling challenges, taking up risks, making significant decisions, and laying efforts to maximize the profit with minimal labour are some of the core areas we, at KRMU, emphasize on.

Inspiring to create the right partnerships to become an entrepreneur

To succeed as an entrepreneur, it is necessary that you build effective partnerships and networks as it will be imperative to accomplish success in your agribusiness venture. This is why we, at KRMU, encourage and help our students to create effective partnerships via practical projects and field works, which enables them to learn, explore, and run the procedure independently and fluently.

The School of Agriculture (SOA) at K.R. Mangalam University, one among the leading private universities in Gurgaon, offers an innovative opportunity to aspirants looking forward to making a future as an agricultural entrepreneur. We at KRMU, aim to aid in the transformation of zealous and interested young minds into leading agricultural entrepreneurs and agri-business managers with an advanced and more importantly, global mindsets and values. We have roped in highly experienced and best-in-industry faculty in our School of Agriculture who can benefit the students with their deep-seated understanding and valuable industry insights. The world-class program offered by KRMU is perfectly designed to produce the advanced breeds of entrepreneurs, equipped for better employment opportunities, higher earnings, and a global work atmosphere.

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