December 25, 2017

Getting admission in a reputed educational institution is unquestionably quite a challenging task for the students, but there’s another serious challenge waiting for them once they complete their higher studies, which is that of the job hunt. The job hunting process is indeed a cumbersome one, although there are manifold opportunities lying across the country. To stand strong in the industry, students are required to step out of their ruts and take on an arduous professional endeavor that makes them successful in their job hunt. The right mix of academic excellence, soft skills, and hard skills, and hands-on learning experience earned during their educational phase gives the students a robust foundation to embark on their professional journey. But, the question that pops up here is how many students succeed to find a place in their desired career that easily? The fact is that students need to put a lot and lot of efforts to find the right job, and despite all the efforts there’s no assurance whether or not they will be able to find a satisfying career for themselves. On the contrary, think about a scenario where you get selected for a job straight from your campus. This is exactly what makes the college placement drives a matter of importance and great concern.

Students constantly battle between their goals of getting good academic grades and preparing themselves for the corporate world out there. Achieving both these goals, however, can get really tough for the students owing to the highly competitive environment today. College placement drives gain major significance in this context as they serve as a great way for the students to be assured of their placement, even before the completion of their graduation. With the job market occupied with several competing candidates, college placement drives provide the students a chance to make the most out of the opportunities they get on-campus for securing a potential job and a robust career ahead.

The fact is that today employers expect a lot more than academic excellence in students. That is why it becomes crucial for students to not to miss out any learning and growth opportunity provided at the educational institution to enhance their skills and aptitude matrix – not just the academic and educational skills but the professional capability and employability skills.

In today’s survival of the fittest kind of the job market, it is vital that educational institutes instill the students with practical experience combined with academic excellence and skills so that they are well prepared to easily fit in the highly competitive career space. Having said that, it becomes one of the prime responsibilities of the educational institutions to effectively prepare and guide students to compete in the corporate world and find a foothold for their career path. In that direction, K.R. Mangalam University, which has been recently endowed with the National Education Excellence Award by CIAC Global, is setting its sights high on providing efficient placements for the students. The university aims to develop career opportunities for graduates within top companies that have been recognized for their excellence.

KRMU provides all the needed training, workshops, and projects to develop industry-oriented specific skills and key professionals traits in students to maximize their chances of success and swift growth. Apart from that, there are also skills development programs conducted within the premises to enable the students to gain personal and professional skills that are essentially required to thrive in any profession. We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, are not just focused on raising the academic scores of the students but emphasize on their holistic development so as to help make their professional journey worthwhile.

We have tie-ups with various corporates, big and small, to conduct campus placements within the institution and hire from our rich pool of skilled and talented students. Such placement drives work in mutually beneficial terms for the employers, students, and the institution, helping the students to secure deserving placements and the institution to gain the reputation for a valuable contribution to students’ career. Besides, campus drives benefit the employers in picking efficient human resource as per their requirements.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, have a dedicated Training & Placement cell, which holds a responsible role in preparing and guiding students through the placement process and provide them with the needed training for a brighter future. They make arrangements for interviews, pre-placement talks, group discussions and other placement related activities. It gives the opportunity for students to improve their skills and knowledge, which not only encompasses academic skills but also includes transferable employability skills and specific technical skills, besides the competencies required for real-life work. Besides, it also increases the students’ knowledge of the industry or sector, allowing them to make better-informed decisions when it comes to future career choices.

The training and placement cell equips students to find and grab the right job profile for themselves and get placed in competitively lucrative and esteemed positions in reputed companies. The cell plays a vital role in shaping the career and professional life of the students through a systematic and sustained approach that launches our students onto a meaningful career path. Our placement cell is assisted by a team of coordinators working in tandem with the faculty and industry experts to help students develop productivity and employability. Career guidance sessions from our faculty and industry experts help students make informed choices regarding their careers. At K.R. Mangalam, we have robust connections with a host of recruiters from various sectors, from niche categories, to enhance the employment prospects of our students.

K.R. Mangalam University has top companies knocking on its door for hiring candidates in different domains such as management, education, journalism, law, and IT. With a total of 231 placement offers in 2017, we have been ranked highly in placements for consecutive years since 2015. K.R. Mangalam University has successfully managed to create and build campus-to-corporate connect for students through placement drives that act as a Launchpad for a prospective career.

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