May 16, 2019

Technology is one of the most distinguished and powerful trends that we, the generation of the twenty-first century, tread on the heels of every moment. Technology has marked its influence on almost every aspect and environment involved in our day to day life. From lifestyle, education, business to management, every facet is thriving on the innovations of technology in today’s time. This article is going to discuss how technology and its constant innovations have impacted the idea of leadership, and if it has made its execution and implementation of leadership techniques efficient or dependent in the world of management. Let’s take a more magnified look at the subject below.

The boons of technology in leadership

When it comes to high-end management tasks and responsibilities, technologyplays a crucial role in making things ten times easier, hassle-free, and faster than how it used to be. Today, projects, assignments, ventures, and even people can be managed and supervised from any part of the globe. A click of a mouse can help you become a single point of contact for a thousand people out there and spread the world. Slack, HipChat, Basecamp are some of the most prominent examples of communication application that successful leaders use in today’s business world to not only communicate with employees but to understand them and support them seamlessly around the clock.

Not only that, today, business leaders use technology to embrace diversity when it comes to business and expand on new markets. Technology has bestowed several useful tools to help foreign nations interrelate more closely and effectively and boost their business network and productivity today. Technology is drastically aiding management professionals, leaders, and companies to set and achieve challenging targets, take decisive and quick actions when required, outperform the competition, and above all motivate the team to perform at their level best.

Choosing technology as a useful servant or a dangerous master

No doubt, technology has bestowed the professional world with immense benefits, however, as everything has a flip side and everything comes with both advantages and limitations, a lot of the outcome depends on how technology is being used and implemented. Technology has offered the business world with innumerable gains and success stories to be proud of. But comes along with technology certain drawbacks which tend to get overlooked most of the time. It is a matter of concern about how verbal or real life communication is becoming a lost practice in the business industry. Business leaders are known for certain traits and skillsets and communication is one of the most significant proficiencies they need to treasure to connect to employees and teammates.However, a substantial percentage of organizations end up overusing communication tools which make the workplace environment much more digitalized than required. From employee-management interactions, meetings, feedbacks, everything is performed online and through apps, which is slowly becoming a matter of concern for the business world.

Not just that, technology today has its impact on the decision-making capabilities, delegation, accountability, and even creativity and innovation of the human mind. With high-end technological inventions in the business world, it is observed that the qualities mentioned above of leaders are becoming somewhat confined and limited to a certain extent. It is important for one to embrace technological inventions but at the same time rooting their mindsets and beliefs in traditions in order to harmonize between both aspects.

There is a fine line between harnessing the power of technology to become a better leader and banking on it entirely leaving your natural leadership skills behind. Prior to utilizing technology, understanding the same is much more vital and at the same time a little complex, which needs in-depth insights and a strong foundation of knowledge in business. To that end, the K.R. Mangalam University, ranked among the Top Management Colleges in Delhi, offers the next-generation business aspirants an excellent platform to learn, explore, and prove their innate aptitudes and talents to the world while keeping hand in hand with the technological advancements.  With our intelligently designed program curriculum, industry-experienced educators, and a world-class learning environment, we, at KRMU, have been helping students groom and prepare themselves from the roots. We believe that strengthening thefoundation of insights and knowledge can help young minds make sound decisions when it comes to utilizing the power of any tool or technology in the right way, and the art of successful leadership shall automatically follow.

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