December 17, 2019

A general notion persists among students and parents that students pursuing courses in English literature end up choosing nothing but teaching as their profession. Though teaching is certainly an option, holding an English degree opens up many other career routes, similar to the job prospects of other degrees. Graduates finishing their English degree successfully are often well-versed in vocabulary-rich communication and written English skills, which open up for the numerous career options in different areas.

Students pursuing a degree in English literature can choose several creative careers that fuel their passion, imagination, and research in this field. Many job opportunities and fields are open for students of English literature with better career prospects and better salaries, but over and above these, each of the careers is exciting and highly respected.

If you are one among those pursuing a degree in English literature or are planning to pursue the same, you should have clearer goals. Hence, here in this article today, we are giving you an insight into what all you can do with your English degree.


One of the first lines of work that comes to one’s mind after finishing an English degree course is joining the profession of teaching. If you have a flair for sharing knowledge and teaching, then a career in the educational field would be apt. You can choose from a wide range of profiles like school teachers, college lecturers, independent tutors, etc. You can even start your own coaching institute or a part-time tutoring center. There is no dearth of opportunities for English degree holders in the realm of education, but with additional academic credentials and experience, your chances of employability increase substantially.


Publishing is yet another sector that has ample opportunities for English literature degree holders. You can easily build up your career in this field with a strong academic background, skills, and knowledge. So many local and national publications and even international publications are offering regular and part-time jobs to English graduates. English degree holders are hired as writers, academic researchers, editors, and examiners to develop course contents for academic institutions and organizations. Today, there are several online publication websites that offer freelancing jobs for English literature students in a variety of avenues.

Media and Entertainment:

Media and entertainment industry is one place where English literature students can find some enticing opportunities, fueling their passion for creative writing. From story writers and scriptwriters to poets and songwriters, opportunities are ample. Having a good command over writing and communication, students with an English degree can excel in this field; nevertheless, a postgraduate course in mass communication or journalism can boost your career prospects in the media and entertainment industry.


For those with a passion for writing, there are so many opportunities available in the print media and advertising sector. You can choose to pursue a writing career as an essayist, poet, novelist, play writer, reporter, journalist, editor, copywriter, and many more. Moreover, a writing career comes with the advantage of working independently at your own comfort zone or freelancing with newspapers, magazines, and online journals. The rise of the internet and digital world has generated a new avenue of job opportunities for writers to take up various roles in IT or Digital Marketing sectors as a content writer, copywriter, proofreader, or editor.

We, atK.R. Mangalam University, recognized as the Best University in Gurgaon, offer graduate and postgraduate programs in English along with other humanities programs at our School of Humanities. We strive to promote a greater understanding of literature and culture through our quality teaching and research methodologies among the aspiring minds of the 21st century. At KRMU, we have state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising a well-equipped library and Language lab for English learners to help them explore and augment their knowledge in literature and language.

Our eminent and competent faculty members augment the quality of learning among students and constantly encourage our students to explore and enhance their intrinsic qualities and talents. They promote persuasive writing and add literary practice by fostering new works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction literature. We, at KRMU, aim to impart quality education to all the aspiring young minds to help them grow intellectually capable and creative so as to be able to grab the best of opportunities that the domain of English language holds for them.

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