What is BA Psychology Hons and What are its Subjects

What is BA Psychology Hons and What are its Subjects

May 29, 2023

Are you planning to pursue BA Psychology Hons? As a matter of fact, psychology careers are among the most prospering and high-paying in India and abroad. However, a lot of in-depth study is needed to become an expert psychologist or something else in this very same field. So, without wasting any time let’s talk about the main ba psychology subjects and what they’re really about.


What is BA Psychology Hons

BA Hons Psychology is a 3 years professional degree that prepares for studying traumas, depression, stress, career, and anxiety from different perspectives such as marriage, career and education. In an understandable manner, this course delves into advanced subjects encompassing Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Research, Biopsychology, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology Perspectives, Clinical Psychology, and more. It places a significant emphasis on conducting research projects that explore topics like social behaviour, cognitive processes, emotion regulation, and brain function.


Moreover, BA in Psychology Hons programme examines various aspects of human life from diverse perspectives, including family relationships, child development, personal and professional domains. BA in Psychology Hons equips students with essential qualities such as effective communication, active listening, problem-solving abilities, research skills, ethical conduct, and emotional regulation. The programme also emphasizes the development of virtues like patience and emotional control.


Hons in BA Psychology Syllabus

Below are the mainHons in BA Psychology subjects students will study during their 3 years course period.


  • Advanced Social Psychology: This subject area explores complex topics like group dynamics, attitudes, stereotypes, interpersonal relationships, and social identity. It delves into the intricacies of human behaviour in social contexts.


  • Biopsychology: Biopsychology is the study of how biological processes and structures in the brain and nervous system influence human behaviour, cognition, emotions, and mental processes.


  • Cognitive Psychology: Cognitive Psychology is the study of mental processes such as perception, attention, memory, language, problem-solving, and decision-making. It examines how these processes shape our thoughts, behaviours, and overall cognitive functioning.


  • Abnormal Psychology: Abnormal Psychology is an important study area of the BA Psychology syllabus. the study of typical patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and emotions. It focuses on understanding and diagnosing psychological disorders, their causes, and effective treatments for individuals experiencing mental health challenges.


  • Organizational Psychology: Organizational Psychology is the application of psychological principles and methods to study and enhance individuals, groups, and systems within workplaces. It focuses on improving employee well-being, productivity, leadership, teamwork, and organizational effectiveness.


  • Clinical Psychology: Clinical Psychology is a branch of psychology whose main focus is on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders and psychological distress. In addition, it involves providing therapy, conducting psychological evaluations, and promoting mental health and well-being.


  • Health Psychology: Health Psychology is a sub-field of psychology that investigates the psychological factors influencing health, illness, and healthcare. It examines how behaviours, beliefs, emotions, and social context impact physical well-being and healthcare outcomes, aiming to promote healthier lifestyles and improve patient care.


  • Psychotherapeutic Intervention: Psychotherapeutic intervention is the use of various therapeutic approaches, such as talk therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, or other evidence-based techniques, to address psychological issues, promote healing, and improve mental well-being.


  • Forensic Psychology: A major part of the ba psychology subjects, Forensic Psychology involves applying psychological principles and knowledge to the legal and criminal justice system. It includes areas such as criminal profiling, assessing competency, evaluating witness credibility, and providing expert testimony in court.


  • Counselling Skill: In BA in Psychology Hons, students are trained to develop a psychologist’s most essential abilities such as effective communication, active listening, empathy, rapport building, problem-solving, and providing support to individuals seeking guidance and assistance in navigating personal, and emotional, or psychological challenges.

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