April 11, 2019

Management studies are all about building the capability for solving problems, suggesting solutions, making new plans, and managing people to overcome every hurdle that may come in the path of progress of an enterprise. Though it seems to be a mammoth task, when approached strategically, can be easier than what itsuperficially appears to be. The best way to learn is to experience, and the experiential learning encourages and assists every management aspirant in a positive way. Here are some of the advantages associated with experiential learning methods that when entwined with the classroom knowledge aid in the holistic development of management students:

Provides the real feel of the atmosphere

When a student gets absorbed for an internship or is allowed to assist a project in any corporate for gaining the first level experience, the best thing he/she learns or perceives is the feel of the atmosphere. Away from the familiar faces and the well-known territories, the corporate environment provides for the cradle for managers. The horizon of thinking and comprehending gets extended within the twinkling of an eye as you experience the global vibes within the premises of an enterprise.  This feel is a mandate these days to be able to cope with the ever-changing atmosphere of the corporate. The more familiar you become with this environment, the easier it would be for you to become a part of it in the long run.

Helps to understand the competition

There is always a healthy competition that runs through the employee stream of the big business houses, which act as the propelling force of the company and enhances the improvement scopes of every employee, ultimately resulting in a boost in productivity. Once you step into the real corporate world for training or internship, you get to feel the same competition to achieve excellence over others, which, in turn, benefits your own level of performance.  Hence, experiential learning helps you to gain from healthy competition that keeps you ahead of others during the final selection processes for becoming a manager.

Enables you to handle the situations better

There are multiple departments, operations, work schedules, and projects there that run as a part of regular activities within a business enterprise. You, being a part of the operations, will be in a better position to understand the actual scenario and issues. Experiential learning also enables you with the skill to handle any situation at a given point of time to ensure timely resolutions, guaranteeing timely delivery of the work assigned without any time spill. Dealing with problems in an effective manner is a prime requisite that every manager must have, and the experiential learning methods ease off the entire process of learning by offering you a real opportunity to solve some real-world problems.

Allow you to observe and understand the operations from proximity

It is said that seeing is the best source of learning. No matter how diligently you follow the class lectures and the textbooks, the experience that you get by observing real people handling real issues at real business houses can hardly be compared with the knowledge procured otherwise. When you see managers with years of experience dealing with a specific issue and coming up with the cohesive solutions, the experience and the knowledge you gain, becomes precious and practical. Having an opportunity to get experiential learning thus surely enables you to learn more effectively through rational means.

Promotes contextual learning

Every situation is different, and the solution to each problem should thereby be different. As long as you concentrate only on the theories and models described in the textbooks, you just develop the idea of how to solve an issue. But, the moment you enter into the real corporate world, you get to know how it exactly works and how the realities differ from the nations. Experiential learning enriches you with contextual learning which emphasizes on treating every situation based on its individual merit. The same resolution can never work for two different problems, and that is what experiential learning unveils to you.

We, at K.R.Mangalam University, recognized as one among the Top Management Colleges in Delhi, aim at making every management aspirant an expert in the domain. And in our efforts to ensure the same, we have incorporated industry visits, internship programs, hands-on training, seminars, and much more as a part of our management program curriculum so as to give each student the required exposure to the real world. We, at KRMU, believe that it is the assimilation of the realistic feel with the textbook knowledge that has been consistently widening the opportunities for our students to grab the best management jobs with leading business houses in the nation as well as abroad.

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