June 18, 2018

“I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge; I am one who is fond of antiquity, and earnest in seeking it there.”

– CONFUCOUS, The Confucian Analects

People go to university for a variety of reasons: it might be for a degree, or it is simply the next step in life, or our parents expect it for us, or we want to make the most out of life. Whatever the reason, the university experience is different for everyone.

Professors, friends and parents are important parts of having the best university experience. Professors are crucial in challenging you to do better and to bring out your best in class. Friends are your supportive base, the ones who understand what you are going through – because they are probably going through the same – and root for you. Parents are the ones who love you unconditionally, believe in you and encourage you when you are at the brink of giving up.

My experience began on 16th August 2017. As soon as I entered the college, there was this strange emotion of nervousness and joy, whether I’ll be as good I used to be in my studies here too. In short, I was perplexed. There was a small orientation programme organized by the School of Education Department itself to provide us with information we will need as beginners. It was quite an interactive session designed to know the faculty and resources. So to say, it was a tremendous welcome to us.

“The more sand has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.”


A basic component of the B.Ed. programme was to push us to pursue enquiries as our enquiries.Nevertheless, B.Ed. turned out to be the biggest catalyst in my search for an aim and direction in life. Much before the programme taught me about theories of learning and human development, it helped me acquire a sense of self and inner peace, rarely experienced by most students. Though I have explored my curiosity over language and literature while I was pursuing my Masters in English Literature and recognized my potential strengths in speech, envisaged vocabulary and aspirations, and got ample opportunities of unlimited growth which I tried to reflect being in this fieldof study. This programme changed everything in my life. It provided opportunities for rigorous learning to satisfy my intellectual thirst and to experience what it really means to learn. More than just teacher training, it offered a training of the mind to strengthen my emotional being and to develop interpersonal skills.

In my first year, I was all about my books and books and books. Especially thinking about how much our parents are paying, I just want to be buried in my books, but my mentors and my lecturers immensely tried to “take the best out of me” without comparing with any other students in my class. This exposure of me to me’, is what this university’s main vision for us all. This programme laid the foundation of knowledge any thoughtful teacher might require. There were core courses in which I engaged with the epistemology of every school subject. There were other foundation courses in the first year which helped me to develop an understanding of children and education in the context of socio-political and economic conditions prevailing in different parts of India.

The course on ‘Contemporary India’ encouraged me to review my childhood in the context of my family’s socio-political ethos. It was the first landmark in my identity formation as I realized the links between the Constitution of India and the educational services which I had availed of given my family’s location in the class hierarchy, and my socialization as a citizen of a democratic nation. I started appreciating that there was a variety of childhoods, each one shaped by factors like region, religion, occupation, caste and schooling. This kind of learning enabled me to cultivate a more informed understanding of the process of teaching my future students and my own location in society. I could finally see myself as a change-maker.

Time passed by and believe it or not, my social life in K.R.MangalamUniversity is another important way of making the most out of “me”. We hear all the time, “Oh, you can make it as long as you have the connections”. Guess what? This university allows you make those connections because everyone knows everyone in one way or another. Putting your head in your books all day or say every day fulfils only one part of your university experience, but this plethora of opportunities and experiences I’m absorbing everydayis only possible due of KRMU.Trust me, your social life in university puts your life in balance.

Well, it’s all much more serious today. Student life was a lot less stressful and competitive way before, butthe ‘days of our lives’ are changing perhaps. This is why there seems to be much more choice and it puts increased pressure on us to make the right choices. K.R.Mangalam not just gives right opportunities but it’s also our lecturer’s great guidance to make use each of those opportunities wisely.

Time has been flying by and it’s hard to believe that I have been on campus for a year already. Life at K.R.Mangalam University is a great experience so far that I plan to make the most out of. Indeed, I’m enjoying every bit of my time spent here.

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