April 7, 2018

India is one of the most diverse countries found anywhere in the world. From dressing styles, languages, to religions, the country is hailed as one of the most intricate amalgamations of different cultural identities. One of the direct impacts of this diversity falls upon the legal profession. The law of the land has always been compassionate towards these diverse factors and thus, the upholders of the law, the legal professionals, are also expected to be understanding about the diversity.

The diversity of the country brings forth many opportunities and challenges for the lawyers and the other legal experts. Conflicts are common when you live in such a multifaceted culture, but resolutions are not impossible. And these resolutions are initiated and administered by the lawyers and judges of the country. Cases that refer to diversity, as such, need to be handled with care, as in most cases there is a very fine line between vouching for your client and undermining the other culture. This challenge is more often than not what makes a case interesting to both a seasoned lawyer and a budding one.

The way you present an idea to a diverse group of people is not the same as what you will do for a homogeneous group. People from different backgrounds have different takes about the resolution of conflicts based on their personal experiences. These views can result in differences among lawyers regarding how to proceed with the case. These differences are the base for innovative ideas as it gives the lawyers the opportunity to brainstorm to come to a solution that can be agreeable to both him/her and the clients. Diversity leads a lawyer to consider his or her ideas and position more closely than what would have needed if his/her opinions were unopposed.

Speaking from a more financial point of view, diversity brings in more clients to a law firm. For instance, think of a law firm with a diverse group of attorneys who are well-versed in several languages. This firm will immediately have access to a large client base as the clients will feel comfortable in approaching the attorney whom they think will be more sympathetic to their problems. Besides, many corporate firms in the present times look to hire law firms that have a diverse array of lawyers working under it. The corporate firms feel that it will benefit them given their multivariate workforce.

Diversity also exists between the states of the nation and not just between individuals. In India, each state comes with its own set of customs and cultures that is different not just from the other states but also internally. Conflicts and disagreements between the states or between the states and the center are also not something unusual in the country. A significant number of court cases pertaining to the diverse scenario bears testimony to this factor. The legal professionals need to deal with these cases too either directly, as lawyers or judges, or indirectly, as paralegals or consultants.

Any discussion on diversity and its impact on the legal profession remains incomplete without talking about the internal miscellany among the lawyers. Every colleague of a lawyer comes from different backgrounds and beliefs. Until and unless you are respectful towards diversity in general, you will not be able to work in tandem with your colleagues, no matter whether you are a part of a legal firm or not. You will need to understand where their beliefs and ideas are coming from and you need not undermine their ideals in proving your point. Also, there are times when no particular party is completely wrong, and it is just the cultural differences that have to be blamed for the conflict. In that case, you will have to lay the case rather intelligently to make sure that your client has an advantage, but the sentiments of the opposition are also not hurt in the process.

Embracing and respecting diversity should be an integral part of your curriculum when you are studying to be a lawyer in a country like India. We, at K.R. Mangalam University, understand this facet and can proudly vouch for the fact that valuing variety and multiplicity is something that comes first to our students. The way our courses are designed and the guidance of the mentors inculcate this facet in them for life.

That is not where the work of the School of Law at K.R. Mangalam University ends. The law programs under our institution aim at making the individuals ready by equipping them with enough skills, knowledge, and confidence for their future.

Law is an all-inclusive arena of study, and its boundaries extend beyond the pure law subjects. Through our extensive training, we ensure that our students are well-versed in both law and non-law subjects. We take pride in training the most qualified group of individuals in the legal profession, and the testimonial to this fact lies in the success of our ex-students.

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