Most Promising Career After Hotel Management Course

April 3, 2023

A career after hotel management course is one of the most promising. Most people think it is about food production, but instead offers excellent departments for hotel management freshers to explore such as the front office, housekeeping and food & beverage service.

As you might know, Post COVID-19 Travellers, businessmen and travel influencers hit the roads, skies and seas. This globalisation directly led to the rapid boom in the hotel and travel & tourism industries. Without a doubt, it correlates with the rising jobs in hotel management.

Completing hotel management courses after 12th paves the way to multiple career options in different sectors/industries such as hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, airlines, merchant navy and the healthcare sector.


Best Career Option After B.HMCT

Below are the various jobs in hotel management you can choose to pursue:


Customer Relations Manager

The key role of the Customer Relations Manager is to maintain good and healthy relations with the customer. They should have good communication skills. They solve customer queries, make strategies to compete with business competitors and build trust with the customers. Customer Relations Managers must know what kind of feedback their business is getting from the customers.

Chief Chef

it is the most desirable career in hotel management. All the kitchen activities come under the supervision of the chief chef. The chief chef is the one who plans the everyday menu and orders the food and utensils they need in the kitchen. Every dish that went from the kitchen to the customer’s table must be approved with the finishing touch of the chief chef. The chief chef has to make sure that customers are liking the food and the food is reaching the table on time so that the customer doesn’t have to wait. The chief chef maintains a good working environment and teamwork in the kitchen. The chief chef should have the knowledge that his team gets their paycheck on time.

Unit Manager

The role of the Unit Manager is to make teams and keep an eye on their performance and how effectively they are working. The unit manager everyday schedules meeting with the teams to assign them tasks and the next goals. The unit manager has to make sure that the desired goal is being achieved.


Mostly the stewards work on cruises and airlines. The role of the steward is to manage dining operations in restaurants and public dining rooms. The reservations can be made by customers on-call or over the internet so the steward should make sure they don’t miss answering the customers. The steward should have good communication skills and knowledge of the services they provide. Steward has to sort out any problems or queries of the customers.

Food and Beverages Section Manager

Being a Food and beverage section manager is a great field jobs after bhmct responsible for the supply and quality of food. The food and Beverages section Manager has to keep the hospitality in check for good feedback from the customers. They also have to maintain good relationships with the vendors because they are the ones who manage the finances related to the supply and use of food and beverages.


What Academicians and Industry expert has to say: Smart business and hospitality is the new normal


Human Resource Manager

The first thing every Human Resource Manager have is excellent communication skills. The responsibility of HRManager is to make plans for hiring employees according to their needs. Human Resource managers have to interview the candidates and assess them before the main interview. Human Resource managers have to maintain the records of employees and solve any queries of employees regarding salary or any problems they are facing in their workplace.


An accountant must keep a track of all the in and out finances. They should keep a record of all the finances. They should make a sheet of the losses and profits of their business. The accountant handles the paycheck of all the employees. They should Asses in making the budgets for business reasons.

Assistant Manager

All the operations, activities, and events come under the supervision of an assistant manager. They have to make sure all the policies, rules and regulations are being implemented and followed. During the event period assistant managers are responsible for the security and hospitality of the guests or customers.

Restaurant Manager

The restaurant manager must train and oversee the employee’s performances and make sure they are productive for the benefit of the restaurant. They have to make sure the restaurant has proper sitting and hygiene. The quality and freshness of the food they provide to the customers should be overseen by the restaurant manager. The Restaurant Manager should keep in check the profits and losses of the restaurant.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is one of the Best career options after B.HMCT. These professionals are responsible for the day-to-day operations and profits of the hotel. The role of an operations manager is to make sure the hotel has a well-furnished attractive interior, customers are getting proper services, food comes out of the kitchen is getting liked by the customers, the queries of the customers are being solved, the hotel is providing quality and fresh food, events are going well, the employees are performing well and the clients are answered via phone calls or by any internet means.


Goverment Jobs After Hotel Management

There is a long-living myth, that hotel management students can’t apply for government jobs. But in actual reality, several job opportunities in government sectors are waiting for an individual that possesses excellent knowledge of hospitality. Also, you must hold a degree in hotel management from a recognized university/institution. Some of the sectors are mentioned below:

  • Army/Institute Catering
  • Teacher/Faculty (IHM)
  • Economic development
  • FCI
  • Government Canteens
  • Indian Railway Catering


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B.HMCT Eligibility Criteria

An aggregate of minimum 50% marks in 10+2 or equivalent examination with any stream from a recognized board examination.


BHMCT Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is eligibility for B.HMCT?

Ans. Candidates should have passed 10+2 from any recognized board with a percentage over 50%.

Q2. What is the average salary package of a chef in India?

Ans. The average salary package of a chef ranges between 300000 to 350000 which gets increased according to their experience.

Q3. What are the jobs in hotel management in India?

Ans. Yes, Hotel Management has a lot of scopes and job opportunities overseas. it depends on your skills, knowledge and experience to get a chance to work abroad.

Q4. What is the career scope after B.HMCT?

Ans. There are a lot of scopes and fields in B.HMCT that you can pursue like the Food and Beverages section Manager, Accountant and chef.

Q5. Can a Hotel Management student pursue a career in Tourism?

Ans. Yes, a hotel management student can pursue a career in tourism. In this programme, you were taught about the deep knowledge of the tourism business.

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