Career and Scopes after BCA with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Career and Scopes after BCA with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

August 4, 2022

BCA data science and Artificial Intelligence is a 3 years course undergraduate degree. This course is a blend of technical and management courses. These two specialisations with BCA are futuristic fields that will lead to the development of the future. BCA data science and Artificial Intelligence jobs are considered high-paying in India and worldwide.

Demand for Data Science

Demand for data scientists and analysts is growing day by day. As many industries have recognized its importance in the troublesome marketplace. In Today’s time, big sets of data are driving the globe. A huge change came during the pandemic, small and large businesses turned digital to carry on their operations. So this caused these types of businesses to take advantage by processing every single data in order to find a productive collection of data. After that organise and analyze the data to make logical plans for future possibilities. Hence, the reasons made it one of the highest paying jobs in India.

Demand for Artificial Intelligence

With the coming of high-performing technology in today’s world. It made Artificial Intelligence gets it’s significance and gain value in several industries. Artificial Intelligence is on a boom. But still,  There is a huge shortage of experts in Artificial Intelligence especially in India because it is growing rapidly. Computer Scientist, data engineer and computer vision engineer are some of the jobs that come under Artificial Intelligence. AI professionals are mostly hired by big companies like Fractal Analytics, LinkedIn, Tech Mahindra, Deloitte, SAP Labs, IBM, Amazon, Citrix, Verizon, Accenture and Nvidia. Also with high earning paychecks as a fresher.

Career After BCA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

An important BCA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Scope is to go for higher studies. Most graduates pursue high-level education in Master Computer Application after this course.

As you would have known this course gives you a ample amount of job opportunities. This course gives knowledge and develops skills in three fields. So it is obvious to understand you will be eligible for several job profiles laying in the market. Below are the job profiles after BCA Data Science and Artificial Intelligence you can choose to pursue according to your interest.

  • Software Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Blockchain Professional
  • Health Care Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Team Leader
  • Statistician
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Marketer
  • Market Research Analyst
  • CyberSecurity Experts
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Data Analyst

As you might have read the widespread employment areas after BCA data science and Artificial Intelligence. The managerial level and high-level jobs you can opt for which has huge demand in the job market. I would like to ask you which job profile interests you the more.

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