June 10, 2019

Fashion has become a blazing aspect of the twenty-first-century lifestyle. It is gaining more prominence than ever before, and the styling choices of gen-Z and millennials are the best evidence. If you look around, fashion is no more a rare luxury. It has rather become a regular necessity that the young generation does not leave behind when it comes to their everyday dressing style. With the evolving sense of fashion, the industry and study of fashion design are also taking a significant turn. However, it goes without saying that owing to the rising demands of the current generation in terms of fashion and styling, professionals in the field of fashion require extraordinary and multidimensional skillets to flourish. To that end, K.R. Mangalam University, as one of the most prestigious schools of fashion in the nation, recognized as the Top Fashion Design Institute in Delhi NCR, prepares young minds to walk away with skills that help them emerge as trend-setters in the upcoming world of fashion.

Embedding a strong sense of the aesthetics

The foremost aspect to stress on to for grooming the league of twenty-first-century fashion designers is creative edification and cultivation. We, at K.R. Mangalam University, provide students with a dynamic learning environment where they can explore the highest level of creativeness, resourcefulness, and innovation. We do not just focus on fundamental knowledge and skills, but help students establish their own trends and techniques and perform significant researches of their own interests during the process of learning. The faculty team of K.R Mangalam lays dedicated efforts to constantly connect with various experts in the field of fashion and to help and inspire students to explore the latest ideas and trends in the field of fashion.

Utilizing the latest tools and technology

The program of Bachelors of Fashion Design at KRMU is especially ad intelligently designed keeping in mind the complex scenario of the modern fashion industry. We train students in the latest fashion designing software, applications, tools, and technology to prepare them for a larger competitive world. Mere creative knowledge is not adequate to thrive in today’s ever-progressing fashion world, and thus, we encourage students to make the best use of technology and resources in order to meet industry expectations and demands.

Instilling a sharp business sense in learners

Fashion designing is no more confined to merely exhibiting your creativity, especially when it comes to the twenty-first-century fashion designing career. To attain success, treasuring excellent business and marketing knowledge is imperative, and we, at KRMU, help our students acquire such skills throughout their educational journey. From attaining fundamental knowledge and skills in the art of product development and techniques of sustainable designing to commercial ideas, Top Fashion Design Program Institute in Delhi NCR students are armed with every vital insight. The focus is not to just prepare them as highly creative designers but also skilled business heads who can compete effectively in the industry. The program offered is both creative and technical, and significantly stresses on the ever advancing challenges and demands of the Fashion Industry.

Field knowledge and pragmatic experience

The Fashion Designing program offered at K.R. MangalamUniversity is loaded with experiential and hands-on learning to provide students a realistic idea of the field they are going to pursue a career in. We inspire them to make their own presentations, research on materials, obtain inspiration from out of the box resources for innovative designs, and involve them in workshops and team projects. We believe that unlike other disciplines and fields of study, fashion designing requires a hefty amount of logical and realistic insights which can come through team projects, researches, and practical training, and this exactly what we at KRMU provide our students with.

The industry of fashion is at a constant rise, and alongside expanding is the pool of artists and talents in this arena. Georgio Armani, Coco Chanel, Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar are some of the most successful faces in the industry of fashion who have been inspiring millions of young and ambitious minds to exhibit their potentials in the world of fashion designing. If you treasure a flair for creativity, an eye for detail, and knowledge of color theory, then a career in fashion is surely your path. Join K.R MangalamUniversity and gain from the superior quality of fashion education and training so that you rise prepared to shine in the modern fashion industry.

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