How to Succeed in Mass Communication and Journalism

How to Succeed in Mass Communication and Journalism

November 17, 2023

In the ever-growing landscape of news and media communication, pursuing a degree of BA in Mass Communication and Journalism could be a great option for you aspirants. In the rapidly growing field of media and communication, a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication or BJMC become a successful career option.

BJMC is an interdisciplinary program designed to create writers and journalists in the mass media industry. The course opens a range of job opportunities for students who want to build a career in various fields like communication, media and related industries.

The course not only gives you various job opportunities but also provides you with a chance to work with top news agencies. After completing the course, you can interact with professionals, faculty and students to create a valuable connection that leads to internships, job referrals, mentorships, and collaborations. Whether you’re looking for a BA in Journalism or a BA in mass communication and journalism, here are the details of course to help you ensure the right career path fit for your goals.

About B.J.M.C Course

BJMC is an interdisciplinary undergraduate course of three years that mainly focuses on media journalism, media concerns, research, etc. The course is divided into 6 semesters and each comprises practical and theoretical subjects.


To apply for the BA in mass communication and journalism course, the applicant must have at least 50% grades in their 10+2 from or equivalent to any recognized board. One can also apply for the course through various entrance tests, including SAT, JMI Entrance Exam, IIMC Entrance Exam, JNUEE, AMU Entrance Exam, etc.

Job Opportunities and Salary for BJMC

As the demand for BA mass communication and journalism graduates is increasing both domestically and internationally, they have more opportunities now. They have a wealth of work prospects in various fields, like:

1. Journalist/Reporter

As a reporter or journalist, you could handle magazines, online media, or broadcast organizations. The career also includes covering the news, writing reports or articles and conducting interviews.

2. News Anchor/Presenter

A news anchor or presenter is a journalist or broadcaster who presents news programs on television or hosts news programs, conducting interviews, etc.

3. Editor

The responsibility of an editor is to proofread news articles and create engaging content for print or digital.

4. Public Relations Officer

A public relations officer works on public relations agencies or in-house PR departments of organizations to maintain media relations and develop communication strategies.

5. Content Writer

Content writer work is to write engaging content through research on industry-related topics and develop ideas for new content types.

6. Copywriter

A copywriter usually works with ads or the marketing department of an organization or agency. They create content for marketing campaigns, advertisements, or promotional materials.

7. Social Media Manager

Social media managers handle the media accounts of an organization, develop social media strategies and implement them successfully.

8. Broadcast Producer

The producer or Broadcast produces television programs or radio, handles production processes, and coordinates with various stakeholders.

9. Advertising Executive

An advertising executive works for advertising agencies to develop advertising campaigns, make a plan to create ad copies and manage client accounts.

10. Media Researcher/Analyst

Media researchers research the latest media trends and analyse audience behaviour to evaluate the impact of media campaigns.

11. Photojournalist

A photojournalist captures an image and creates a story through visual images. They use pictures to create a document of current events, news and any social issues.

12. Communication Specialist

A communication specialist works on managing public relations, providing output and other media requests. They also plan an advertisement social media campaign and put extra effort into growing the business.


Pursuing a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication is an excellent career option for aspiring students who want to get opportunities in journalism, communication and media.

The robust curriculum of the course with diverse specializations and practical skills helps students to build a strong contribution to the ever-evolving media landscape. If you aspire to make a career in digital media expert, journalism or public relations, the program lays a strong foundation for future media experts.

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