Career for PCB students After 12th

Career for PCB students After 12th

June 12, 2023

After completing the 12th grade with the science stream, students often assume the career for Pcb students after 12th is limited to the medical field. However, there is a wide range of best courses after the 12th PCB students beyond medicine.

In this blog, we will explore the courses after the 12th PCB other than medical. These top 10 courses after the 12th PCB list will open up a world of opportunities beyond traditional medical professions.


1. Biotechnology

With advancements in science and technology, biotechnology offers immense career potential. Students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and specialize in areas such as genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, or research and development.


2. Pharmacy

A career in pharmacy allows students to work in the healthcare sector by studying the science and practice of medicine. A Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy followed by licensing exams opens doors to various roles like pharmacists, drug researchers, or pharmaceutical sales representatives.


3. Environmental Science

For those passionate about the environment, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science is a great option. It equips students with the knowledge to address environmental challenges, conservation, sustainable practices, and research opportunities.


4. Forensic Science

Combining scientific knowledge and criminal investigation, a career in forensic science involves analyzing evidence, solving crimes, and aiding justice. It’s the best course after the 12th PCB students who want to specialize in areas such as forensic chemistry, DNA analysis, or forensic pathology.


5. Agricultural Science

The field of agricultural science offers a range of opportunities to contribute to sustainable food production and agricultural practices. It’s one of the top 10 courses after the 12th PCB for students. The program helps them to understand agricultural science and agricultural engineering.


6. Food Technology

As the food industry continues to grow, the demand for professionals in food technology increases. Students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology with pcb courses after the 12th. It explores careers in food processing, quality control, product development, or food safety.


7. Zoology

For those with a deep interest in the animal kingdom, a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology opens up avenues in wildlife conservation, animal behaviour research, zoo management, or environmental consultancy.


8. Biochemistry

The study of chemical processes within living organisms, biochemistry offers diverse career opportunities. Students can specialize in areas like medical research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or molecular biology.


9. Microbiology

Microbiology is a field that explores microorganisms, their behaviour, and applications. Students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and find career opportunities in research, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, or environmental science.


10. Marine Biology

For students fascinated by marine life, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology leads to exciting career paths like marine research, conservation, fisheries management, or marine ecology.



PCB students have an array of best courses after the 12th PCB. Career options beyond traditional medical professions. From biotechnology and pharmacy to environmental science and marine biology, these courses offer diverse and rewarding opportunities.

By exploring these top 10 courses after the 12th PCB, students can embark on a fulfilling career aligned with their passions and interests, making a positive impact in their chosen fields.

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