Semester-wise Detailed B.Tech CSE Syllabus

Semester-wise Detailed B.Tech CSE Syllabus

April 5, 2023

What are the B Tech CSE subjects? This question weighs heavily on the minds of ambitious students who aspire to pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. In this highly sought-after field, a comprehensive grasp of computer science engineering is essential for developing cutting-edge technology solutions.

The B.Tech CSE syllabus covers a wide array of subjects, including algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, neural networking, and architectural information. These subjects are the building blocks for creating online shopping apps, computer-based games, security features, social networking sites, and more.

B Tech CSE Syllabus Semester Wise

Let’s explore the semester-wise breakdown of the B.Tech CSE syllabus:.

Semester 1

  • Applied Mathematics – I
  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Basics of Mechanical Engineering Lab

Semester 2

  • Applied Mathematics – II
  • Workshop Practices
  • Engineering Graphics Lab
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python Lab
  • Engineering Chemistry Lab

Semester 3

  • Applied Mathematics–III
  • Foundation of Computer Systems
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Data Structures Lab

Semester 4

  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms Lab
  • Web Programming with Python and JavaScript Lab

Semester 5

  • Theory of Computation
  • Operating System Lab
  • iOS Development Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab
  • Mini Project

Semester 6

  • Compiler Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Distributed Computing Systems
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Mobile Application Development Lab
  • Minor Project

Semester 7

  • Natural Language Processing lab
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining lab
  • Neural Network lab
  • Cloud Computing lab
  • Internet of Things lab
  • Machine Learning lab

Semester 8

  • Projects
  • Electives

Main Study Areas of B.Tech CSE Course

The B.Tech CSE course covers crucial areas that have a significant impact on our lives and productivity. Companies worldwide seek individuals with expertise in computer science to drive global business growth. Here are the main study areas covered by B.Tech CSE subjects:

Programming Basics

This foundational area delves into the design and development of computer programs, laying the groundwork for understanding computing, programming languages, coding, and the scientific principles of computers.

Software Engineering

This field utilizes scientific laws and mathematical principles to create intangible products capable of performing various functions to deliver products, services, or consultancy. Specializing in software engineering equips individuals to solve complex problems.

Advanced Programming

Advanced programming focuses on developing software or functionality that enhances the usability of computing languages, making them more user-friendly and efficient.

Discrete Mathematics

This subject computer science btech syllabus deals with basic arithmetic and algebra and how they can be utilised in programming. If one has very good reasoning and problem-solving skills, this should be prioritised before jumping into programming. All functions in algebraic mathematics are applied to simple programs, enabling them to read and execute programs. It is one of the defining basics of what are the subjects of computer science. The foundations of mathematical thinking and learning algorithms are found in discrete mathematics.

Graphical Engineering

This field involves the creation and manipulation of digital images and special effects, particularly in movies and multimedia.

Java Learning

Java is a crucial programming language that plays a significant role in web development, responsible for website functionality and user experience.

C++ Programming

C++ is a versatile programming language used for building software with a focus on memory manipulation and object-oriented programming.

Database Management

This subject covers data management systems with elements of artificial intelligence and deductive analysis methods. It is essential for building systems around regularly received data and has revolutionized various functions, including customer relationship management and bookkeeping.

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