November 30, 2018

A degree in higher education can feel like a golden ticket to bag all the lucrative jobs that you have ever dreamt of but the truth seems to be farther from reality. The corporate hiring processes are getting more grueling by the day and the number of candidates eyeing the same position is also on the rise increasingly. Thus, having just another degree is no longer going to help you make a cut in the world of corporate jobs. The recruiters, in the present times, look for something extra in the candidates that goes beyond only the academic knowledge. The graduates need to be more realistic about the roles that their degree qualifies them for and there is a need to consistently work towards improving the skills in order to turn into a valued asset for the company that they join in future. The following are some of the key things that you need to get instilled in you if you wish to get hired by the top brands in the country and beyond.

A Thorough Knowledge of the Brand

Before going for the recruitment interviews, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the brand that you are eyeing at. You need to research well about the brand and know all the crucial details about it, starting from its founding years to the latest developments seen by it. Your knowledge about the company and its ventures show your interest in joining their services and that will certainly be appreciated by the recruiters. It also showcases your analytical skills and general know-how about the business scenario, which are crucial qualities that are looked for in an employee.

Communication and Analytical Abilities

The ability to communicate effectively through both words and in writing  is crucial regardless of the job or industry that you join. When you join the world of corporate jobs, you will have to effectively communicate with managers, other employees, and clients and thus, your communication skills will be held in high esteem by the recruiters from the top brands. The same premium will be placed on your analytical skills when you face the questions posed by the recruiters. You will be posed questions about the real-world scenarios and your roles in handling the varied challenges that come in your way. The way you analyze the situations through your practical and technical know-how and come up with answers depicts your analytical skills.

The Zeal towardsTeamwork

Any employee in the corporate scenario is basically a team worker and he/she needs to work keeping with the aims and ambitions of the team that is working in. Regardless of the position, the employers look for people who are team players and can cooperate and work well with others. When you are being interviewed, it is important for you to show examples of how well you work with a team. It can be anything from your group projects to internship ventures, but make sure that you are able to showcase your team skills to the recruiter.

Put Ahead Your Major Skillset

Make a list of skills that make you a top choice for the brand and look for the ways in which those skills are best reflected in your background. You can mention these skills in your cover letter and resume for highlighting them in front of your recruiters. However, simply mentioning the skills will not suffice and you will also have to consider examples of how these skills can be applied successfully to your job. Draw examples from the projects that you have been a part of to showcase examples of the ways in which you have actually incorporated the skills in your job. Sharing such examples with the interviewers will let them know how much of an asset you can be when you are hired for the job.

The list of the things that you need to catch the attention of the top brands is certainly long and illustrious but making sure that you cover all the criteria is never a challenge if you have the support from the right institute. We, at K.R. Mangalam University, as one of the foremost educational institutes of the country, aim to inculcate the most viable skills in our graduates in order to ensure that they are future ready in the true sense.

We, at KRMU, being one of the best private universities in Delhi NCR, ensure that our advanced curriculum and expert faculty are able to provide all of the much-needed theoretical knowledge. We see to it that their practical base is strengthened through our initiative of corporate internships, seminars, group projects, and more. The experienced mentors of our institute are dedicated towards honing the skills of each and every pupil so as to ensure that the recruiters find the exact qualities that they look for their brand. The current placements of our alumni speak volumes about the practicality of our ways and we are hopeful that the saga of success will continue in the years to come.

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