June 5, 2019

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Renowned computer scientist, Alan Kay.

The mind shall automatically and fluently trail into the path of learning once it finds the right ambiance, guidance, and facilities. The need for interest, will, and zeal is significant when one is trying to master the art of learning and education. Learning facilities play a crucial role in the process of knowledge impartation, especially in the twenty-first century academic system. The world around us is constantly evolving, and organizations are setting new and advanced expectations for young aspirants who are about to step into the real professional world that awaits out there.

Preparing the future generation of professionals, but for any field, requires quite an effort, utmost dedication, quality education, and above all, advanced learning facilities. Learning facilities not only change the way how students learn but also how they perceive and experience the journey of education. top 10 university in Haryana Moreover, quality learning facilities also inspire educators to contribute their best in shaping the next generation of leaders. One of the most reputed institutions that stand tall when it comes to the quality of learning facilities is none but the K.R. Mangalam University. The foremost aspect that is worthy of mention when it comes to KRMU’s education system is its world-class learning environment. The institution is known for not just delivering quality education to students but also keep their interests high, minds stimulated, and passions alive while taking the venture of knowledge impartation beyond books and scholarly lessons.

At KRMU, students are engaged in long and interesting academic discussions, debates, interesting audio-visuals, practical projects, and presentations. These teaching methodologies have been introduced with the goal of reaching out to each student present in the class and help them learn at their own pace and style. The classrooms are well-equipped with facilities and infrastructure to help them accommodate comfortably and focus well on the lessons and classroom events.

Supporting Facilities to Enhance the Process of Education and Learning

KRMU offers a wide range of programs like Architecture, Law, Fashion, and many more and thus present supporting learning facilities for students belonging to distinct departments. The foremost facility where students willing to spend a maximum of their time brushing their knacks and skills are the well-equipped laboratories. KRMU is known for its excellent lab-culture where the true importance of practical learning in each field is unleashed by students. The labs are excellently equipped with modern technology and facilities for experiential learning and research. The University currently has sixty completely equipped state-of-the-art laboratories exclusively for students enrolled in the KRMU programs. Other than that, our students from the departments of architecture, design, and media are also enabled to take advantage of the excellently equipped studios. The campus studios are known to be the hubs for innovation, creativity, and nurturing of innate talents.

State-of-the-Art IT Facilities at KRMU

The campus of KRMU is largely IT facilitated and comprises of the latest systems loaded with a wide range of software, print services, and communication tools to help students interact and collaborate with each other and with the faculty while they learn. We have also developed various student clubs and societies for stimulating young minds and helping them establish a balance between their academic, creative, and athletic interests appropriately to achieve all-rounded excellence.

As one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the nation and recognized among the Top Private Universities in Haryana, we, the K.R. Mangalam University, meet international standards when it comes to leaning facilities in order to offer the best guidance, mentorship, resources, and learning platform to the students. We aim to prepare young aspirants in a way so that they can walk into the industry equipped with skills that help them not only attract lucrative opportunities but turn out to be assets for organizations. Let yourself experience an entirely new dimension of the educational journey at the campus of KRMU to enlighten your true zeal and zest within.

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