January 22, 2020

‘Where there is data, there is an undeniable call for analytics.’ Analytics is a highly influential and rapidly emerging avenue that a dynamic range of industries in the twenty-first century are making the most of. They are utilizing their collected data to drive in huge successes for their businesses. The significance of data in the modern industry is immense and is considered a vital commodity to drive profitable growth, attain organizational goals, ensure risk management, and boost performance.

Finance is one of the industries that implement the power of business analytics the most in order to transform freshly collected, raw, complex sets of data into understandable and usable insights. Finance can be considered as one of the key operators of the most substantial and complex data, for which developers today have come up with much-advanced versions and interfaces of business analytic tools.

Banking and Finance – As the Third Most Significant Users of Business Analytics

Healthcare and retail have been the domineers when it comes to the use of analytics. In recent years, BFSI has landed as the third largest user of business and financial analytics. From seeking loans and managing investment for personal and commercial purposes to saving funds, the financial industry leverages a number of key solutions. Moreover, financial institutions were earliest amongst the pioneers and users of analytics in dynamic areas, which included fraud detection, risk analysis, customer management, algorithmic trade, and more.

The sector of finance is becoming increasingly reliant on predictive analytics in order to boost efficiency, enhance customer service, identify potential issues, and much more. The industry of finance has realized that the emergence of business analytics has benefited it the most, and is thus openly embracing the advancements technologies in the best possible ways. In fact, one of the worst threats to the finance industry, which is fraudulent practices, has also been toned down by a hefty percentage with the mounting usage of predictive analytics in banking.

Predictive analysis is the most commonly implemented analytics in the modern banking industry that aids in identifying characteristics linked with an illicit or strange customer or employee behavior, enabling the management to intervene ahead of time to keep greater threats at bay. There are also other business analytics technologies prevalent in the banking industry today, which include optimization and segmentation.

Outlining how business analytics is revolutionizing the field of finance

The constant emergence of business models, evolving requirements of the traditional financial units, and significant progress in technology have boosted the necessity of business analytics in finance even more. These analytics play a key role in increasing business revenue, subtractingtrade wastes, and aid in making sound business decisions.

Client profitability analytics, Sales revenue, Predictive sales analytics, Cash flow analytics, Product profitability analytics, value-driven analytics, and shareholder value analytics are some of the trending business analytics technologies that are implemented in the finance industry. Business analytics technology has evolved the way how the finance industry functions. But to work with the expanding business analytics technologies with complete efficiency, most financial institutions today are hunting for management talents who possess high-end technical and process knowledge along with the operational insights of analytics.

It is owing to this reason that we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, always strive to keep our management students equipped with the core knowledge of business analytics and other such trending subjects. We believe that knowledge of such elements is extremely crucial for moving a notch up in one’s career. This is why at KRMU, a Top Ranked MBA University in Haryana,we have carefully blended the industry-relevant subjects like Business Analytics, AI etc. as an important part of our curriculum. This enables our students to easily adapt as per the industry requirements when they put their foot in the real corporate world and perform to their fullest potential. Our dynamically designed program touches upon topics like the advanced utilization of data, the use of analytics in the modern business industry, data-driven business decision making, and much more. Join the management program at a list of mba institutes in Gurgaon to provide your career with a significant edge that will surely serve you gold in your future ahead.

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