July 26, 2019

Choice of career is never an easy task. However, there are certain domains at present that are drawing much attention of the aspirants owing to their exceptional growth potential and ability to offer a respectable and decent job. Hospitality management is surely one of them, and the hospitality industry itself has emerged as one of the most promising names when the employment generation is taken under consideration. Hospitality no longer refers to the services related to tourism management solely; it now includes various branches like Hotel and Restaurant Management, Cruise Ship Management, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Club Management, Guest House Management, Forest Lodge Management, and much more within its periphery. The industry has shown remarkable growth in the last decade and promises to grow in the future as well with its services being in harmony with the demands of the time.

Market Demand

The world is no longer confined within the territories that keep the landscapes disassociated. With the global advancement setting in, no boundaries today are potent enough to hold back people from involving in international travels and cross-boundary transactions that add to the demand for hospitality industry services every day. As far as the numerical figures are concerned, the market studies reveal that in another 10 years, India is expected to register a growth by almost 50% in its hospitality industry with anticipation of the number of foreign travelers jumping up to 30 million a year. Moreover, the domestic travelers and the business travelers further add up to boosting the hotel and hospitality industry.

Job Prospects

The services offered through hospitality management are of different types and the same results in opening up of multiple avenues in the hospitality industry when it comes to jobs. From front desk executives to food and beverage services and food production, hospitality management industry has more than sufficient options to aid an aspirant to choose the most fitting one based on his/her interests and skillsets.

Salary Scale

The hospitality industry is, without a doubt, one of the most lucratively paying sectors. Moreover, the majority of the employees recruited in the hospitality industry earn a substantial bonus every year, depending on the designation. To start with, you can look forward to drawing somewhere around 4-5 lakhs as an annual payoff. Surely the amount is substantial to begin with when compared with many other industries that absorb freshers.

Growth Potential

With the global expansion of businesses and cultural exchanges, it can be well perceived that the days to come will generate more employment opportunities in this industry and the same in turn will account for the growth of the sector. As the statistical data reveals, within another decade, the number of people making cross country visits will be doubled, and the requirement for warm hospitality and hotel management professionals to keep the number growing would increase by leaps and bounds eventually.

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