Must Watch Movies and Web series For Forensic Science Student

Must Watch Movies and Web series For Forensic Science Student

June 30, 2023

Movies and Web series for Forensics Students: Investigating films and web series that focus on the field of crime-solving can be both fascinating and educational for prospective forensic science students. These visual mediums provide a singular chance to observe the use of forensic practises, investigative tactics, and scientific analysis in an engrossing narrative style. By watching forensic web series, Students can deepen their knowledge of the subject and find inspiration for their future vocations by immersing themselves in cinematic experiences.

Must watch Movies for Forensics Students

1. The 39 Steps (1935)

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

One of the oldest forensic films was “The 39 Steps”, which was produced at a time when forensic science was undergoing rapid advancement. Although “The 39 Steps” contain a brief scene in which the protagonist determines the weapon used by analysing a stabbing victim’s wounds. This draws attention to key forensic inquiry techniques including observation and deduction.


2. The Day of the Jackal (1973)

Genre: Thriller/Drama

A political thriller with suspense called “The Day of the Jackal” was released in 1973. It is among the best criminal and investigation movies ever produced. The assassin known as the Jackal (Edward Fox) is hired to kill French President Charles de Gaulle in this movie, which is set in the early 1960s. The Jackal eludes arrest with precise planning and unyielding will, leaving a path of murder and deceit in his wake. In the meantime, Michel Lonsdale’s character, Claude Lebel, a French investigator, develops an obsession with thwarting the Jackal’s lethal objective. As the cat-and-mouse chase gets more intense, the tension in the film increases, building to an intense conclusion that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


3. Se7en (1995)

Genre: Thriller/Drama

David Fincher’s 1995 psychological suspense film Se7en is a dark and compelling work. The movie follows Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) as they look into a string of horrific murders that are motivated by the seven deadly sins. They face their inner demons and the grim nature of humanity as they dive deeper into the sick psyche of the perpetrator, played by Kevin Spacey. Se7en addresses themes of morality, justice, and the destructive power of sin, creating a lasting impression on audiences with its eerie atmosphere, complex plot, and shocking ending.


4. The Bone Collector (1999)

Genre: Thriller/Drama

The Bone Collector” is a gripping thriller released in 1999. The story revolves around Lincoln Rhyme (played by Denzel Washington), a former renowned forensic detective who becomes paralyzed due to an accident. When a serial killer starts terrorizing New York City, Rhyme reluctantly teams up with Amelia Donaghy (played by Angelina Jolie), a young beat cop with a talent for evidence collection. Together, they embark on a race against time to solve the case, utilizing Rhyme’s brilliant mind and Amelia’s determination. As they unravel the killer’s twisted clues, a thrilling and suspenseful battle of wits unfolds, testing their skills and resolve.

5. Zodiac

Genre: Thriller/Drama

David Fincher’s suspenseful criminal drama Zodiac was released in 2007. The movie examines the infamous unsolved case of the Zodiac Killer, who terrorised the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s and is based on actual events. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist, and a group of detectives in the plot, which follows them as they become obsessed with finding the elusive murderer. The movie explores the psychological toll the case takes on everyone involved and the long-lasting effects it has on their lives as the Zodiac maintains his reign of terror and taunts the authorities with coded messages.


Best Forensic Web Series


Asur is a popular Indian web series that premiered in 2020. It combines elements of crime, thriller, and mythology. The series revolves around two central characters: a forensic expert, Dhananjay Rajpoot (played by Arshad Warsi), and a former forensic expert turned professor, Nikhil Nair (played by Barun Sobti). The show explores the dark world of serial killings and delves into the psychological aspects of the perpetrators. “Asur” incorporates forensic science as an integral part of the narrative, showcasing the use of forensic techniques and methodologies to analyze evidence and unravel the intricate mysteries behind the crimes, adding a compelling and realistic touch to the storytelling.


Forensic Files

Forensic Files

Forensic Files is a long-running documentary-style television series that originally aired from 1996 to 2011, with additional episodes produced in subsequent years. The show is available on Amazon Prime that show focuses on real-life forensic investigations, providing an in-depth look at how scientific analysis and cutting-edge forensic techniques help solve complex crimes. Each episode presents a different case, showcasing the meticulous work of forensic experts, detectives, and other professionals involved in solving the mysteries. With a combination of interviews, reenactments, and actual crime scene footage, “Forensic Files” offers viewers an engaging and informative experience, highlighting the importance of forensic science in the pursuit of justice.

6 Recommended Movies For Forensics Students

  1. Forensic
  2. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
  3. The Silence of the Lambs
  4. Crime 360
  5. Red Dragon
  6. Mystery Street

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