BBA in Human Resources: Career and Jobs

BBA in Human Resources: Career and Jobs

August 10, 2022

A lot of career opportunities come after BBA in Human Resources. Graduates of this course have a prosperous career as they have amazing entrepreneurship skills, business studies and financial management skills. The knowledge and skills you will gain during this course will make you eligible for high-paying managerial and executive level jobs. This blog talks about career options after BBA in HR.


Higher Studies After BBA in Human Resources


  • MBA with Specialization in Human Resources
  • MBA with Specialization in Marketing
  • MBA with Specialization in International Business
  • MBA with Specialization in Finance and Business Analytics
  • MBA with Specialization in Information Technology
  • MBA with Specialization in Entrepreneurship


Master of Business Administration is a 2 years postgraduate degree after BBA in Human Resource Management. This course curriculum highlights a variety of skills such as finance, marketing, accounting, and operations management. This course is specially focused to develop students as effective decision-makers, strategy-maker and managers. To be eligible for BBA in HR course candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent from a recognized University with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.


Jobs after doing BBA in HR


Graduates of BBA in HR have a variety of job profiles with various roles and responsibilities. Also, These job profiles need different skills and qualities.


  • HR Manager: The main responsibility of the Human Resource Manager is to find and interview the perfect candidates for a certain job profile who can meet the organisational goals. Other roles that come with this job profile are managing employees’ paychecks, leave and applying the rules and regulations.
  • Product Manager: This is a job profile which lets you perform many roles and responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities of a product manager is to identify customer needs in order to meet the larger business goals.
  • QA Manager: Their main duty is to supervise systems of quality in an organisation for a better product or for a smooth and efficient development process. Like overseeing the work and performance of the assurance department and staff members.
  • Sales/Business Development Manager: In simple terms, Sales/Business Development managers are upper-level sales representatives. Three Major responsibilities that come under this job profile are creating new leads, maintaining relationships with profitable clients and holding meetings for better communication between leads and salespeople.
  • HRIS Specialist: They are responsible for implementing, supervising and maintaining the Human Resource Information Management of a company/organisation. They are administered to provide advisory services and instructions to management for systems requirements to establish company resources and requirements.
  • Public Relations Manager: These are public relations experts who have excellent communication skills and soft skills. Their main purpose is to research, plan and perform certain activities to increase the public image of their client or an organisation.
  • IT Recruiter: The role and responsibility of these professionals are to find and recruit the desired candidates in the Information Technology Sector for various working areas. In fact, they also can be found working as part of an in-house recruitment team or specialist recruitment agency.
  • Training Manager: The role is to identify and supervise the training requirements of an organisation. Then after that planning, strategizing and conducting training programs, policies and methods to meet the goals of an organisation. This job profile bba in human resource management needs a lot of skills.
  • Compensation Specialist: Their responsibility is to define a fair and equitable total compensation for the employees of an organisation. Side by side guaranteeing that the planned compensation is under the rules of the current government.
  • Admin Executive: This is one of the most interesting jobs after doing bba in hr. They is a job profile one level below someone with a high profile. In simple terms, they are assistants of a senior member of a particular team. They perform a variety of roles like planning and scheduling the calenders of managers for various motives, writing down notes during meetings and overseeing the junior staff members.




After reading this you must be aware of the career advantages of a BBA in HR. Also, the salary after HR in BBA can be lucrative in nature because it depends upon the job profile, experience, skills and organisations you are working for. Now read these FAQs below for more information and clarity.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. Is BBA in HR good career option?

Ans. Yes, BBA HR is a good career option as it opens various job opportunities and has widespread employment areas from industry to industry. It also gives you chance to go pursue Master level courses.

Q2. What are the jobs for BBA undergraduates after graduating?

Ans. HR Manager, Personnel Manager, Public Relations Manager, Purchase/Vendor Development Manager, Sales/Business Development Manager, QA Manager, Product Manager, IT Recruiter, HR Coordinator and Admin Executive are some best job profiles after BBA in HR.

Q4. What is the other specialisation with BBA I can pursue?

Ans. BBA with specialization in Finance, International Business, Travel&Tourism, Marketing and Business Analytics&Intelligence are other great specialisations you can pursue with BBA.


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