July 23, 2018

K.R Mangalam University is a place for liberation of the youth, for the synthesis and enhancement of ideas coming from changed directions as also those originating from interactive thoughts. The university offers an opportunity to invent and re-invent the attentivethinkers, for broadening the skyline much beyond their instantaneouslimitations. K.R Mangalam University is a place to support, circulate the intelligence, ancient and modern, as also the art of evaluating them, among peers of student and teacher for furtherance of the human social existence, both indigenous and global.

Away from the hubbubs of crowded city, K.R MangalamUniversity and the ambience of its campus a Bio-Diversity culture location, enriches the students with fresh natural environment.Its task is to provide student-centric education and nurture personal and intellectual evolution to formulate students for dynamic careers, evocative lives, and accountable citizenship in a global society.In continuance of this mission, the University seeks to rearpioneering approaches to legal education and profession and arrange students for governance roles not only in legal profession but also in anextensive range of social institutions, including government, politics and business. At K.R Mangalam University, it is not just a school, department, classroom or lecture but the whole University is concentrated on innovative learning and worthy research.Students get qualified to become future ready realm specialists. University emboldens inquisitiveness and provides full support to the students to explore their preferred arena of study. Students keenly take part in the research &improvement undertakings.

More explicitly, the University tries to syndicate teaching and research in an assimilated manner so as to further its multicolored statutory intents. The University offers an incorporation of undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes in order to extent and broadcast erudition and awareness of law and legal progressions. Other courses are also combined with community-based programmes like legal aid, awareness programmes and workshops in order to inculcate in the scholars a sense of an obligation to assist society in the field of law and contribute to use of law as an apparatus for social revolution and liberation.


Other than that, Moot Court Room exercise and Mock Trials are an integral part of curriculum to strengthen the spirit of mooting and learning about the decorum of Court room’s behavior. This exercise enables the legal scholars to grow and develop spontaneity while pleading before a Court of Law which is an essential part of studying and pursuing legal career.

Moreover, K.R Mangalam University embraces a progressive teaching methodology which makes the teaching and learning process organized, apparent, student friendly and result oriented.  K. R Mangalam University believes in providing equal opportunity to all.

Sulakshana Banerjee Mukherjee
Assistant Professor
School of Law
KR Mangalam University

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