May 20, 2019

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow – William Pollard

The key to success is innovation and a never-ending will to introduce the world to something that hasn’t been seen or experienced before. Today’s ‘youth’ and ‘innovation’ share an in-depth connection, especially when it comes to making a place in the fiercely competitive market of the twenty-first century. The trends and systems of educating students are significantly evolving in today’s time, encouraging the next-generation professionals to step out of the usual boundaries of scholarly knowledge and take the challenge and valor to create something new. Today, there is a sheer need to recognize and value creative and non-formal ways of learning. Experiential or similar styles of learning are capable of helping young minds gain knowledge and skills beyond the typical system of classroom-based training, and develop an optimistic, confident, and professional attitude towards the real corporate world in the long run.

The Engineering Kitchen – A Robust Platform for Creative Minds

Where there is a passion for learning and a knack for innovation, there is always a high demand, pay, and respect for such individuals in the job market. We, at the K.R Mangalam University, one among the Top Private Engineering Colleges in Haryana, strongly believe the same and thus have presented our students with a platform where they can learn, grow, and outshine their innate talents, skills, and passions. Yes, we are referring to the KRMU’s Engineering Kitchen that has been consistently receiving a lot of applause from everyone inside as well as outside our campus. The initiative aims to involve young minds, educators, and staff from all across the campus to participate in extremely interesting and significant research works, workshops, and projects encompassing different subjects of engineering.

An overview of KRMU’s Engineering Kitchen

We are aware that engineering is a dynamic stream, and as such, there are chances that only classroom training can leave skill gaps in students. The Engineering Kitchen in KRMU aims to transform amateur learners into capable professionals who can contribute value to the world of engineering and become a part of the leading corporates in the future. The Engineering Kitchen at KRMU is consistently being evolved; however, we are glad that we have come such a long way. Crystal growth system, systems for recording spectra of constituent atoms of materials and impurities, cost cutting techniques for fabrication of thermocouples are some of the recent and noteworthy inventions that we have successfully completed at our Engineering Kitchen.

No stones have been left unturned when it comes to equipping the Engineering Kitchen with high-end equipment and the latest technologies so as to provide the students with a power-packed platform to transform their dream projects into a reality. More technological advancements are about to take place for providing utmost comfort and inspiration to our ambitious students. We are wholeheartedly looking forward to the cooperation and enthusiasm of the young KRMU geniuses as well as the experienced heads from the faculty team who shall together and zestfully shape the future world of innovation.

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