January 9, 2018

Higher study is the foundation structure upon which the entirety of an aspirant’s professional career gets structured. It is the quality of academic and skill-oriented knowledge that a young one receives at this level, which decides how much progress the one will make in the corporate world. The grooming garnered at this scholastic stage becomes the fundamental tool for a sprouting aspirant to flourish at his/her job profile.

However, the principal aspect in here is to make the choice of the educational institution where such a wholesome streamlining can be received through the most estimable faculty. As an ambitious student desiring to construct a flourishing career and be ever on the path of advancement, the factuality of 700+ universities prevailing in the national educational framework assuredly fills your mind with hopes about the above-mentioned criterion getting fulfilled.

Nevertheless, in this throng too, you require to make a conscious move. All your endeavors to get enrolled at a university and in consequence get the perfect nurture for futuristic life must be directed towards such an institute, which authentically maintains the best infrastructure for student guidance and exposure. Constituted in the year 2013, the K.R Mangalam University, Gurgaon emerges as one of the most highly preferred educational institution. The University prides to possess a top standard team of mentors and teaching personals who are committed towards one sole objective—preparing you with an impeccable wisdom and deftness to triumph at the work domain.

As depicts the honorary Chancellor at the K.R. Mangalam University, Prof. K.K Agarwal (M. Tech, Ph.D.), the University desires to bestow ingenious education and dexterous training to each of its students, making them ready to dodge every hurdle of the real and professional world. The admired Vice-Chancellor, Prof R.K. Mittal (M.E, Ph.D.) too depicts about rendering goal-based scholastic coaching to all the students and guide each one of them over the decision of career path election. Though established just five years back, in 2013, this University has already fetched the accolade of being a ‘Leading University’ from the esteemed media platform NDTV 24*7, preeminently for the ahead-of-time ideas of the teachers and cutting-edge initiatives undertaken by the curriculum conductors to equip every young mind enrolled at the University under their patronization with flawless prudence and agility.

The University houses 10 top-notch standard schools, which serve the best crux of higher education over the domains of management, engineering, science, law, humanities, journalism and mass communication, fashion, education, architecture, and medical sciences. At the time of taking admission into any of the scholastic branches, be assured that an avant-garde faculty with the most progressive curriculum and highly concurrent vocational streamlining waits to mentor you with perfection for the occupational path you desire to thrive at. The brains and patrons of the K.R Mangalam Group select most articulately each instructor and professor, who not only own awe-arising scholastic background but also have the essential vigor to stimulate every student for accomplishing pure success.

In this context, reference must be made about the School of Engineering and Technology at the K.R. Mangalam University, where faculties relentless and devoted efforts towards conducting an evolutionary curriculum and giving pupils an up-scale industry-intensive coaching have fetched the school the title of the “Best Engineering College for Placements in 2017” from the honorary governmental body, the Centre for Education Growth & Research.

Your technical acumen will receive the best nurture under the faculty mentorship, which in turn is based upon the ideology of developing engagement-based teaching, encouraging exploratory ways of education, shaping integrative courses, and enhancing the standard of technical education in India. This last notion gets all the more strengthened by their enterprise of introducing a novel technological curriculum over Rapid Application Development through the Open Source modus.

The Engineering department is also fair-enough stimulated and aware to bring the luminaries and professional experts of the field as guest lecturers and spokespersons so as to enable the students to get introduced to the concurrent and dynamic aspects of digitalization and technology.

If your mind is adeptly keen on getting industry relevant and up-to-date legal training from a premium University and thereby contributes towards social betterment, then K. R Mangalam appears to be the right one to opt for. The organization’s law school houses a teaching team with the very best names of this country. Each of the personalities dedicate totality of their knowledge, dexterity, and experience to let students gain holistic essence of the wisdom imbibed in the legal books in the most easeful maneuver, refine their aptitude to analyze, assess and infer, and as a result groom each one of them to prevail as an estimable legal professional.

The ‘Moot Courts’ or ‘Ersatz’ courtroom situations organized regularly by the School of Law at KRMU further helps to cultivate your inquisitive talent and law-oriented keenness and accustom your sprouting brain with the impeccable techniques to cross-question and judge. The school also organizes workshops over the vital issues of Cyber Law, Workplace Harassment, Intellectual Property Rights, Road Safety and Traffic Laws etc. and delivers the best dose of practical astuteness. The Law school is moreover recognized to bring eminent Justices, advocates, and legal practitioners as conference speakers and illuminate the students all the more with various dimensions of the genre. These continual pioneering endeavors and the developmental efforts to shape the most contemporary relevant course structure allows the K.R Mangalam’s School of Law to gift the official legal arena some most promising and innovative brains and obtain the prestige of being the ‘Best Law Institute for Placement for 2017’.

As for the fulfillment of your desire to achieve a professional managerial profile, K.R Mangalam maintains a Management and Commerce School headed by the revered Dean, Prof. Vijay Anand Dubey, who strives to create a self-evolutionary academic environment and ensures that each student makes the perfect of progress. His persistent ventures have been effective in getting the center collaborated with the All India Management Association and therein give the young aspirants flawless exposure to the inherent dimensions of the commercial world through field visits, access to various admirable national corporate symposiums, and awareness over the on-going innovations and global projects in the industrial world. Prof. Dubey and his group have also put in the best of their efforts to get the most estimable corporations participate in their placement drive and fetch for the passed-out alumni highly befitting internships.

The school’s exclusive ‘Corporate Talk Series’ allows the students to interact with corporate pros and get suggested by them over the maneuvers to initiate, sustain, and flourish in the most challenging and paced-up work environment. This school’s efficiency in mentoring students as the most prospective executives of future has got for it the crown of the ‘Best University for Industry Interface in 2017’.

In a nutshell, K.R. Mangalam University serves as the factual ‘Destination’ for the students to satisfy the cherished dream of ‘Success’ by providing them the opportunity to learn and grow under the mentorship and guidance of ace scholarly minds and experts of the professional world.

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