January 28, 2018

Till a few years back, education in India was largely about the books and mugging things up for the exams while the rest of the world was focused more on skill development and preparing the youth for what they would actually face in the professional sphere. However, now, with the passage of time, we too have started to follow the footsteps of the rest of the world and are beginning to understand the importance of skill enhancement to face as well as thrive in the competitive times of today. Matching the pace with the world is no more a choice but a necessity if we, as a country, look ahead to our development in a true sense. It is high time we shift focus to the development of real-life practical skills instead of chasing merely for the academic excellence. This doesn’t at all mean that academic knowhow has lost its significance. No, not at all! But the fiercely rising competition demands practical skills along with the academic knowledge.

Recruiters, today, wish to hire candidates who are ready to take up the responsibilities of the job with minimal in-house training. And this is possible only when educational institutions provide the students with an environment where besides gaining from the academics, they also get to gain an exposure into the actual corporate world.

Practical knowledge and skills, in today’s times, are the life and breath of the professional world. Being ready with the bookish knowledge is no longer the only thing required to be job-ready. When stepping out from a graduate-school, students in the twenty-first century are required to be prepared with not only the literature but also the practical skill set that will help to enhance their job-landing capacity and is also essential for the all-round working experience.

Today it is not only the educational institutes but also the government of India that is working towards skills enhancement of the youth through the Skill India drive. Over 54 percent of India’s population is aged below 25 years and thus the government too has taken the initiatives to make young India, a skilled India. Therefore, it only seems fair that the educational institutes in the country pull up their socks too and do their bit to develop a skilled workforce that will one day go on to become the world leaders.

There’s no doubt about the fact that we do have a lot of genius brains in India who are making the country as well as the countrymen proud of their achievements. Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, and Nikesh Arora are just a few of the recent examples. Whether you talk about the United States, Australia, or even the European nations, Indian professionals are earning name and fame in each and every field of profession all over the world. Indians are now even leaving their mark on Hollywood. Our youth has got the potential, all we need to do is to show them the right path and equip them with the right skills. No matter what field of employment we talk about, skill enhancement is a pre-requisite to a successful career.

The importance of developing skills is thus today being taken as the topmost priority and this is why most reputed educational institutions are now focusing more on making their students equipped with the basic working knowledge of the industry while they are still in their study mode. The industry today demands that each individual be capable of working independently as well as a team member, depending upon the requirements of the job. The industry further expects the next batch of working professionals to be the lot that has been taught the importance of a good working relationship as well as maintaining the integrity of the organization. You are no longer considered an eligible employee if you are only equipped with the literary knowledge and no practical sense of working. Being an open-minded individual with the skills to work in a tight environment come what may is the need of the hour.

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University, understand that to enable the students to flourish in the competitive corporate world, the prime focus should be on training and preparing them in such a way that they are ready for whatever challenges and obstacles that the industry and their job may bring to them. This is why we have carefully designed our pedagogy in such a manner that it focuses more on providing the students with thorough hands-on training and real-life applicability of the concepts so that they are not only ready for the outside corporate world but are also eager to learn more from it. The structure and curriculum of each of the course offered at the University have been deliberately sculpted in conjunction with the industry experts with the key focus of aiding the students to gain literary knowledge while at the same time getting ample practical exposure. Each student that graduates from KRMU walks out into the professional world with enough working knowledge of his or her field of expertise. Keeping the Prime Minister’s Skill India drive, we, at the K.R. Mangalam University, ensure that the curriculum matches the national needs and status of being the nation with the highest level of education. We understand that each student is a bud that will one day blossom into an in-demand Indian working professional of global standards.

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