How to Choose the Best Career Path: Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist

How to Choose the Best Career Path: Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist

November 1, 2021

The world in the 21st century revolves around information, hundreds and thousands of data. As a result, it is quite natural for that data to be processed, and powerful devices have become necessary to serve this purpose. Now, these machines or systems should be automated or designed in such a way that these devices will automatically be successful in processing these data.

To build these systems, we need professionals such as machine learning engineers and data scientists. This is where data science and machine learning come into play. Because both terms are relatively new in the technology industry, there has been much confusion about data science vs machine learning, as well as the roles and responsibilities of a data scientist and a machine learning engineer. However, if we dig deeper into these two concepts, we will undoubtedly discover some significant differences between data science and machine learning. Read the article to know How to Choose the Best Career Path: Machine Learning Engineer or Data Scientist.

Who are Data Scientists?

Data science is commonly defined as the description, prediction, and manipulation of structured and unstructured data. This process assists businesses and organizations in making business decisions that benefit the company. Some may also define it as the study of how data is generated, what it demonstrates, and how it can be used to transform into valuable resources. Data science technology is used to mine massive amounts of data to find patterns that will help businesses gain an advantage over competitors, look for new market opportunities, increase efficiencies, and many other benefits.

When it comes to defining data scientists, there are many definitions that are used, but in a nutshell, data scientists are simply professionals who are involved with the art of data science. Data scientists are committed to resolving complicated problems and scenarios using their scientific expertise. A data scientist’s roles and responsibilities also include special areas where skills are required, such as speech analytics, text, image, video processing, and so on.

Each of these roles and responsibilities of a data scientist is very limited in number, so positions for these specialists are held in high esteem and thus in high demand in the market. In short, whenever a business needs a question answered or a problem solved, they turn to a data scientist because data scientists gather, derive, and process data to derive valuable insights.

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Data Scientists

Who are Machine Learning Engineers?

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that deals with the class of data-driven algorithms that allow software or systems to accurately predict the outcomes of operations without the intervention of humans or pre-programming the system. Predictive modelling and data mining processes are very similar in this case. This is due to the fact that both approaches and procedures involve identifying patterns in data and adjusting and modifying the programme as a result.

Machine learning engineers are often referred to as sophisticated programmers because they can create and train machines in such a way that they understand and apply knowledge without being directed. The goal of machine learning engineers is artificial intelligence, but their focus extends far beyond designing specific programmes to perform specific tasks.

Now that we’ve established what these two fields of data science and machine learning are concerned with, it’s critical that we learn the distinction between the two in order to gain a better understanding.

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Machine Learning Engineers


Data Science vs Machine Learning

Data-Science Machine Learning
It is an interdisciplinary field in which collected information is cleaned, filtered, and analysed, with the end result being business innovations. It is a branch of data science wherein tools and techniques are used to create algorithms that allow machines to learn from data through experience.
It has a wider scope. It only does seem during the data modelling stage of data science.
Manual methods can be used in data science, but they are not as efficient as machine algorithms. Machine learning cannot exist without data science because data must be prepared before the framework can be created, trained, and tested.
Data science facilitates the definition of new problems that can be solved through the use of machine learning techniques and statistical analysis. The problem has already been identified, and tools and techniques are being employed to find an intelligent solution.
SQL knowledge is needed to execute data operations. SQL knowledge is not necessary. R, Python, Java, Lisp, and other programming languages are used to create programmes.
Data science is a comprehensive process. Machine learning is a single step in data science that uses the other steps to create the best algorithm for predictive analysis.
Data science is not a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is a subset of AI and a link between AI and data science because it evolves as more data is processed.

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Machine Learning Engineers
As can be seen, both data science and machine learning are outstanding career opportunities with countless opportunities. So, instead of learning the difference between data science and machine learning and debating which is better, it is better to know and learn data science because if you learn data science, you will be able to master both and have a career as either a data scientist or a machine learning engineer.
To learn data science, however, it is necessary to take a data science course, and there are many data science courses available. Great Learning is a well-known institute for its data scientist course or all data science courses in general. The Great Learning data science courses have proven to be extremely beneficial to those who have taken them in their data science careers. So, it is highly suggested to enrol in one of the Great Learning data science courses because they are excellent because it is absolutely necessary to have a thorough understanding of data science technology as well as hands-on experience in this field in order to pursue a data science career.


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