Career in Fashion Designing

Career in Fashion Designing

November 9, 2022

Fashion Designing is a field that demands a lot of creativity and unique methods. If you choose to pursue fashion designing courses after 12th with a fashion then you will have a huge career opportunity. This blog talks about the various options you have in fashion industry.

Now let’s talk about Career Options in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer can be found working as a consultant designer or in-house. A fashion designer creates clothing and accessories design concepts through sketches and prototypes for specific occasions. Fashion is a massive industry that demands a constant supply of fashion designers to fulfil the demands that are onerous.

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandisers are experts who analyse the fashion market to predict the next big trends. They do this fashion research to strategies and implement new design ideas to stock the store with trending store layouts and apparel. In simple words, fashion merchandisers are in charge of the style and design of garments and accessories getting sold in retail clothing stores, fashion houses or in costume suppliers.

Fashion Consultant

As you and I are witnessing how rapidly the fashion industry is changing with the arrival of new designs, aesthetics and styles. This is where experts like fashion consultants come to let their clients keep up with the shift of fashion trends and build a unique style accordingly. To make it big as a fashion consultant you must gain experience in retail merchandise.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers are professionals who know how to exactly click a photo of clothing so they can be presented in fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, social media and calatalogues. They have to ensure the picture is exactly portraying what fashion houses and designers desire. Some of the best and most famous fashion photographers in India are Dabboo Ratnani, Tarun Khiwal and Vikram Bawa.

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustrators are creative individuals who create drawings, sketches and other pieces of art related to the fashion industry. Fashion illustrators can be found working as freelancers or working in a fashion house or design studious.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists are professionals who deal with all the aspects of a person’s whole appearance in order to make them fashionable, appealing and likeable. Usually, fashion stylist works with clients that are A-listers in the film industry, musicians and high-profile people.

Jewellery & Footwear Designer

As the name suggests these designers make comfortable and attractive jewellery and footwear which suits perfectly the occasion for which they are being designed. One of their skills is they are highly creative because they must produce fresh and unique designs.

Fashion Journalist

Fashion Journalist are the one who who analyze the changing world of fashion like its new trends and how it is getting effected by pop culture.They also produce fashion new and reports and writings of fashion critics.

How to Start Career in Fashion Designing After 12th

Before starting your journey in the fashion industry. first, you need to do is develop and gain the knowledge and skills needed in the respective industry. So that you won’t fall or get lost. You do this by completing a bachelor’s degree of BA in Fashion Design.

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