January 2, 2018

Education maketh a man.’ This is so true! The knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through education help carry forward an individual successfully into his/her personal and professional lives. However, achieving educational excellence is not something that every educational institute can boast about. It requires a lot of initiatives, zeal, and hard work to deliver quality education that is at par with the global standards. A strong education has to be built around commitment, value-added knowledge, global outreach, and future-ready academics. KR Mangalam University, established in Haryana, is one among those few institutions that have been able to aptly redefine the meaning of educational excellence in the true sense.

The KR Mangalam Group, recognized many times for their contribution in the education sector, is today an enviable name to reckon with. Their quest for knowledge expansion has led to the launch of many new age schools in a spree. Later, the group ventured into higher education with the establishment of the K.R. Mangalam Institute of Management. The K.R. Mangalam University, located in Haryana, is empowered to offer Undergraduate programs, Postgraduate programs and Ph. D. programs in various disciplines like Engineering, Law, Basic & Applied Sciences, Management and Commerce, Journalism & Mass Communication, Medical & Allied Sciences, Architecture & Planning, Fashion, Humanities, Education.

The KR Mangalam Group holds the vision of developing a world-class education system with substantial innovation and global impact through creation and dissemination of knowledge. KR Mangalam aims to transform lives by nurturing and rewarding the skills and talents of students through academic knowledge and collaboration.

In their pursuit of excellence, KR Mangalam is creating a niche of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity to integrate its growth with the global needs and expectations.

Salient Features of KR Mangalam:

The unparalleled success of K.R. Mangalam can be attributed to their cutting-edge curriculum, innovative learning environment, renowned faculty members, and the state-of-the-art infrastructure that excels in all aspects. Moreover, on the part of knowledge dissemination, the institute focuses on career-oriented smart learning, value-based grooming, and practical exposure, all of which marks the special features of KRMU.

Innovative Learning Methodology:

KRMU is geared towards generating dynamic professionals through a unique and innovative learning environment that is enriched with critical thinking, practical application, and values. We offer an interdisciplinary learning experience of global standards through student exchange programmes and collaboration with highly acclaimed scholars and experts from all parts of the world. In order to create ideal academic and career excellence, we create innovative approaches that are time-relevant and futuristic. The unique integration of architecture, innovative systems, and overall instrumentation allows students to learn and experiment the application of knowledge in various aspects of laboratories, studios, and workshops by doing and understanding the concepts.

Smart and Germane Academic Curriculum:

The KR Mangalam University upholds a blend of contemporary curriculum and industry relevant innovation as its pedagogy. The entire curriculum is structured by academic experts from the Bureau Meritus of the K.R.Mangalam University, providing time-relevant learning modules that are continuously accessed and constantly upgraded to newer developments. The meticulously planned academic and research curriculum add weightage to student’s growth and development in all aspects, as well as helps them meet the ever-changing industry dynamics. Practical training and smart learning are the two of the most important aspects of the academic curriculum at KR Mangalam. Overall, the cutting-edge curriculum that stays abreast with the modern industry trends facilitates a productive learning experience that enhances the personal, intellectual, and professional development of the students and helps them reach their fullest potential in their careers ahead.

Eminent Faculty:

The professorate at KR Mangalam is of the prime importance to the success of the organization. They play a major role in creation and dissemination of knowledge at the institute and act as role models, mentors, facilitators, and guides to the students. Our team of the faculty comprises of well-qualified and experienced professionals having true commitment and dedication to their role in education. Each of our faculty members is an expert in his/her core area and are committed to guide and advice the students in as well as beyond the academics so as to enable them to achieve outstanding performance in all aspects.

Rounded Development of Students:

We believe that true learning can never be achieved within the confinements of the classrooms. For holistic development of students in all the dimensions, it is important that the focus is not only laid on achieving academic excellence but also on the development of other necessary skills and values that help them lead as the forerunners of tomorrow. We have very well incorporated this concept in our pedagogy, and hence always strive to provide our students with the best of facilities to provide them with an environment that is conducive to academic and intellectual thinking.

KR Mangalam has incorporated a collaborative approach in truly global parlance to achieve excellence in education. The vigorous campus life, the cutting-edge curriculum, and the functional efficacy of the faculty form the hallmarks of the university. KRMU sets the pace for academic achievement and pedantic excellence by emphasizing on a mix of academic and practical learning with dignity and discipline, thereby, successfully generating dynamic professionals with caliber prepared to face the corporate world and lead as the forerunners of tomorrow.

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