July 1, 2019

‘I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can truly learn.’ _ Albert Einstien.

The significance of safe and supportive initiatives is inevitable when it comes to establishing a holistic, reliable, and influential learning atmosphere.Education impartation, rankings, learning facilities are undoubtedly some of the most vital factors that define an academic institution, but the factor that significantly builds its reputation is the environment it exhibits.

With the rolling of time, the standards and values of the educational world are becoming more and more upgraded. And safety and security stand as one of the leading facets that are sincerely being incorporated into institutional regulations more than ever before. In fact, a survey performed in the year 2014 even concluded that safety and security is one of the top priorities for international students when it comes to selecting a destination for higher studies.

Impact of the Learning Environment on Learner’s Performance

Educators often find it challenging to attain the attention of students in classrooms. University in Gurgaon To help boost student attention in class, educational institutions nowadays are taking up new and advanced facilities like alternative teaching pedagogies, experiential learning methodologies, research works, workshops, team projects, field projects, and more. These initiatives definitely play a crucial role in stimulating the young minds and help them enhance their performances. However, a factor that stands prior to those is a safe and positive campus environment. A safe and secure institutional environment is imperative for the satisfaction of both students and guardians. Learners require a certain level of comfort, mental peace, and stability to drive their dedication and diligence towards the teachings. A healthy and dynamic learning environment not only helps one excel academically but also on personal fronts in their future lives. It is incredibly vital for students to trust and rely on the place they have chosen to pursue their further education and not merely perceive it as an institution but as an exploration platform where they can learn with all their heart and zeal.

ICC – A robust initiative by KRMU for student safety

We, at the K.R. Mangalam University,one among the leading private universities in Haryana, completely understand that coping with a new environment can sometimes turn out to be quite a challenge for young students. Besides, if the students don’t feel safe in an educational institution, they never put in efforts towards exploring their true potential. And this, we believe, is a total failure on the institute’s part. We, at KRMU, have thus established an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in our institute to ensure an absolutely safe, secure, and encouraging environment for the learners. The campus ofK.R.Mangalamwelcomes a substantial percentage of students from different cities as well as nations every year, and we believe that ensuring their security and comfort within the campus is our responsibility. ICC takes care that no cases of harassment occur on our campus. Moreover, the dedicated and highly skilled faculty team of K.R Mangalam plays a significant role in making the young learners feel in place, confident, and stimulated. Professors are extremely cooperative and are specially trained to not just impart high-quality education but address student problems successfully, keep their interests and learning-attitude alive and help them improve their academic performance on a regular basis.

Some of the initiatives taken by the KRMU ICC include Programs for Gender Sensitization, Workshops on Legal Literacy, Parent-student-teacher meetings, special sessions on women’s personal development, and Open Forum interactionswith students, faculty and staff, senior administrators Vice Chancellors and even Principal. The KRMU ICC regulations are equivalent for all bodies involved in the campus that includes the students, educators, management, and the staff. Top Ranked Engineering University in Haryana We believe that the above transformative approaches will leverage students with knowledge, awareness, and ethics beyond the degrees.

The K.R. Mangalam University stands as one of the most respected and reputed academic bodies in today’s time, recognized for offering a vibrant, safe, and ethically healthy learning platform to the students. We aim to groom and prepare KRMU graduates not only as successful professionals but also responsible nation builders of tomorrow. With our state-of-the-art, international standard approaches and campus activities, we are constantly aiming to make the journey of education more meaningful, influential, and interesting for our students.

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